Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cosmopolitan January 2012

While I was disappointed in Glamour's choice for cover girls for their January 2012 issue, I was still a little pleased. I was mainly angry over the fact that they had recycled covergirls, but I mean, I can't stay mad at the Kardashian family for too long because they're, well, Kardashians. BUT I can be officially disappointed in Cosmopolitan. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't have high hopes when it comes to Cosmo. I mean, I'm just going to look over the text on their cover because that is atrocious (What is also atrocious is the fact that I had to Google the word "atrocious" because it took me a good 8 tries to spell it before I gave up. It's a difficult word to spell, you guys.) but the entire cover is bad. Scarlett Johannson isn't my favorite, you know that, but I kind of feel bad for her. I feel bad for anyone and everyone on the cover of Cosmo. I mean, someone at the Cosmo office needs to be fired. Who Photoshops these covers? Her hair looks weird, her armpits are too smooth for my liking, she had a breast reduction out of nowhere, her left arm looks uncomfortable and her curves are gone-ish. I hate it. And I hate that it makes me feel bad for her because this wasn't her fault entirely.

Picture Perfect

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Taylor Swift

OH MY HEAVENS. I give up. Forever and always. (See what I did there?) Well, not forever. Just until she gets her act together and wears something new and exciting. I am all for staying true to your style and yourself and whatever, but still. I mean, honestly. If you are thinking to yourself "Erin, you are a crazy person. What are you talking about?" then 1. I judge you and 2. I'm going to cry extra hard, for you and Taylor Swift. Why Taylor Swift showed up to the CMT Artists of the Year 2011 event last night in this boring dress is beyond me. Be-yond. Me. I love her hair and her makeup though. Like, a lot. But I am done.

Sarah Jessica Parker

I'm sorry. What the what?! I am just baffled by Sarah Jessica Parker's fashion choices as of late. While I don't hate this Louis Vuitton dress completely, I do hate it on her. I love the bottom half of the dress, it's kind of magical (Magical is my word of the day, evidently.) but like, I don't even. It's time for a Liz Lemon eye roll.
Update: Okay. I can't find my picture of Liz Lemon and her dramatic eye roll, so just use your imagination.

Miranda Kerr

Okay, let's bring some pretty back to today's posts. Miranda Kerr. Enough said. She came out to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show viewing party last night in this skin tight Dolce & Gabbana dress. The dress is alright, it's very Victoria's Secret Angel-esque, but it looks amazing on her. She looks amazing. I strive to look like her in my future life. Or now. Whatever.

Vanessa Hudgens

WOW. Today's posts are turning out to be super fugly. So, you know how I like to say that celebrities read my blog (Even though they don't) and you like to sit there and think (Or say outloud to yourself. I don't judge.) "Oh Erin. You're so silly. That's a funny little lie you told yourself."? Yeah. Well I think you need to take that back. I was just bitching about Vanessa Hudgens' horrible hair the other day and then BAM her hair magically grew. Call it fate or vitamins or a wig or extensions, but I'd like to call it the magic of my blog. But her Tiny Tim hat? Shut that down. Her fringe bag? Shut that down too. Her Uggs and sweats? Shut it ALL down. I'm thinking this Austin Butlers boyfriend she has is a bad influence.


Oh good gosh. Rihanna was filming her music video for "You Da One" (A song I have been listening to on repeat in my car for about two weeks. That's a true story. It's so catchy and I like to sing like Rihanna sometimes.) and I kind of hate everything about her uh "outfit." I can't even be optimistic. It's horrid. From the white hat (I mean, a white hat? Really?) down to her cane and her tights. I just. I can't. If you cover her hair, her face still looks gorgeous. As always.


I don't know why I even act like I'm surprised and/or shocked anymore. Is "Jersey Shore" still a thing? Are lace up boots still a thing? Is JWoww still a thing? Was JWoww ever a thing? No. I think the answer is no to all of that. But considering the fact that she's promoting something, a "book" that she "wrote" or a fragrance (I can only IMAGINE how heinous that smells), maybe she should "hire" a "makeup artist." Just a suggestion because her face color doesn't match her chest color which doesn't match her hand color which doesn't match the color of her legs which you can see between her "dress" and boots. Just a hot mess.

Fashion Quote of the Day

Reporter: "What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror after waking up in the morning?"
Rita Hayworth: "Darling, I don't wake up till the afternoon."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Picture Perfect

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins."
Paris Hilton

Glamour January 2012

The first magazine cover of 2012 is kind of a letdown. And by "kind of" I mean, *insert Liz Lemon eye roll here.* The Kardashian sisters, the important ones, help Glamour ring in the new year and as fun as this shoot is, Kim Kardashian was on the February 2011 cover. I mean, that's a little redundant, don't you think? I mean, c'mon Glamour. You're better than that. You don't need to repeat cover girls in less than a year. And no, I'm not just complaining because I want Leighton Meester on the cover again. Don't judge me. I do, however, love how colorful the cover is. It's perfect for a January cover.
The ENTIRE Kardashian family has gorgeous hair. I don't know how it got so pretty (Good genes, maybe?) but I love and lust after it. Unfortunately, this cover shot is doing it no justice whatsoever. I realize there is a photoshoot fan (Yes, that is the actual name. Yes, that is a lie.) and such, but I mean, no. Also, why aren't they wearing pants? And why are they wearing ugly cardigans? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS, GLAMOUR MAGAZINE.
Who are these male models and why are they in this photoshoot? Horrid. What a serious hot mess.
See? They have such pretty hair. The cover is just a mean representation.
The whole "friends/sisters at a pajama party" reminds me of the cover shoot they did with Whitney Port, Lo Bosworth and Lauren Conrad. Where is the creativity, Glamour? Where has it gone?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dayton's Window Displays

My bestie's Mama just sent me one of the most wonderful articles I've seen in a long time. Call me crazy, but I am convinced I was born about 70 years too late. As much as I love technology (Mainly my best friend the Internet) I could live without it. Honestly. I could be a flapper girl with a cloche and finger waves. (I am about 84% sure I could pull the look off). Anyway, back in the day, Dayton's (Now known as Target, aka. Heaven) had an entire Window Display Department. I know what you're thinking "Okay, and?... Anthropologie has a window display department." But no. You're wrong. Well, you are kind of wrong. They do have a visual team, but they are nowhere near as inventive as the designers were for Dayton's. Everyone from Salvador Dali to Andy Warhol helped in designing the retail windows and I am obsessed. I know it sounds silly and probably doesn't make sense but THIS is what I love about fashion. I love the history. And the fur. But mostly the history. I hope you followed all of this and didn't give up at "My bestie..." Enjoy my favorite pictures while I sit here and cry over the fact that I was born in the dumb 90s.
This window display from 1900 was also a little bit fantastic.
This is everything I love all wrapped into one. Fur coats and 1920? I mean, yes please and thank you ever so much.
This display from 1923, appropriately titled "The Bride" reminds me of the scene in "Singing in the Rain" (My favorite movie of all time, it beats out "Titanic.") where the guy is singing "Beautiful Girl" and all the girls are standing in different windows wearing gorgeous dresses. Tell me you know what I'm talking about. Whatever. It's real. I swear.
This is my favorite. The late 1920s are my favorite.
I almost like that this is only in black and white. I like imagining the different colors of her shoes and dress. It's more fun that way. Right? Nope, I'm just an old lady at heart.
Women in 1957 were so classy and sophisticated. I'm jealous.
Oh so very Grace Kelly, no?


Let's talk about how AMAZING Rihanna looked on Thanksgiving. She spent her Thanksgiving in Dublin, Ireland (Gosh, her life is so hard.) and she looked gorgeous. While she can honestly pull off any look, I love her hair best like this. And this coat. Oh, give me a minute to drool over it. It's gorgeous. I want to wrap it around my body forever. That sounded a lot less weird in my head. Whatever. Moral of this post: Rihanna = Perfection.

Picture Perfect

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"Great fashion is all about surprise... It should always be about doing something that isn't by the book."
Reed Krakoff

Harper's Bazaar Singapore December 2011

Wait. Do you hate that I don't hate this? I am kind of loving everything about Masha Tyelna's Harper's Bazaar Singapore cover. I love her makeup, hair and her dress, which if I'm not mistaken is the same Michael Kors dress Nikki Reed wore to one of the 1 billion "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" premieres. And by, "If I'm not mistaken" I mean I'm telling you that it's the same dress. So sassy today, my goodness.

Vanessa Hudgens

As much as I hate admitting this, Zac Efron was the best thing that ever happened to Vanessa Hudgens. (Disclaimer: I am not voting for a reconciliation, don't read this the wrong way). I mean, look at her now. Frumpy clothes. An obnoxious neck tattoo. A heinous hair cut. I mean, no one is going to take her "serious role" seriously, so why did she have to cut her hair? I vote yes for wigs, but alas, it's too late now. I mean, at least it's growing out?... Nope. I hate it still. Shut it down, V.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fashion Quote of the Day

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."
Edith Head

Picture Perfect

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Lady Gaga

HA. I'm laughing to stop myself from crying. Lady Gaga wore this Stephane Rolland Couture gown to the 39th International Emmy Awards last night. I mean, I've seen it on the red carpet and this is how it's supposed to be worn but that doesn't mean I like it. At least her hair looks kind of, nice. Right? I really hate this though. Let's just be honest. Always the classy one, Gaga.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I was restless and indecisive, so I decided to pretend to be a graphic designer and play with my blog. If it's heinous, which I'm pretty positive-ish it's not, holla at ya girl. Or something.

American Music Awards 2011

(Disclaimer: I'm not feeling particularly sassy today, so if you were really looking forward to me hating on Christina Aguilera (More on that later, my gosh) or J.Lo's outfits from last night, the sass will be at a minimum for I am oh, so very tired. I apologize in advance. I also apologize for trying to sound like I have a lot of fans who sit and wait for my posts. I mean, let's be honest, it makes me feel a little special when I pretend). Okay, you know I hate music awards. A lot. I appreciate and respect the individual creativity of each artist, but at the same time, I kind of hate it. I mean, I can only roll my eyes enough times before they get stuck that way. You know? It could be a problem.
I'm not going to lie. At first I hated Katy Perry's entire ensemble from her hair to her Vivienne Westwood gown. Thankfully, I have warmed up to it. I actually think I am okay with her dress. And while I continuously appreciate her themed outfits, I don't love her hair. The dirty blonde is starting to creep through and ruin the pink in her hair. But I mean, she pulls it off and that makes me mad. Mad because I know I could never pull off pink hair. Never in 1 million years.
When I first heard that Nicki Minaj wore Oscar de la Renta, my heart dropped. I thought to myself "LORD HELP US. Please don't let her ruin one of my favorite pieces from the collection." I can proudly say, I take that all back. She actually pulled it off. Of course she chose the fiercest one, not my favorite yellow one, but I mean, she's working it and I'm not (Well, not anymore) complaining.
Oh. Taylor Swift. You know I adore you, I do, I really seriously do. But I am going to ask you one more time to PLEASE step out of the box. If only for an event or two (Or three, or four...) I mean, I knew what you were going to wear before I even saw you on the red carpet. I think everyone did. It's just predictable. You're fun and young (I feel snobby telling someone my age that they're young. My apologizes, T. Swift, but it's for your own good.) so live it up, girl. Don't play it safe now and THEN go crazy when you're divorced with children. Yeah, that was directed towards you, Jennifer Lopez.
I don't like Selena Gomez's Giorgio Armani gown as much as I'd like to. I don't hate Justin Bieber's hair as much as I should. I do hate his suit though. Is that, ahem, velvet, Biebs?
You know, I am quite impressed with Julie Bowen right now. This may or may not be my favorite look of the night. I'm telling you, I didn't have much to work with here, people.
My boyfriend has become REAL awkward on the red carpet as of late. He looks like a Ken doll. See, Ken? This is why no one played with you. Because you are awkward. Also, I'm disappointed because he had the perfect opportunity to wear a suit and he wore... This.
Oh, J.Lo. You tryin' too hard, gurl. I'm just not so in love with this Zuhair Murad gown.
I mean, Heidi Klum. You should KNOW better. You are a model. And a TV host. And a Mom. But most importantly, a model. The styling of this entire outfit is off putting. Off putting. That's a thing, right?
Why was Katherine Heigl there? You know, I have a theory. If you get invited to be a presenter at a random awards show, people are going to ask "Why is ____ there?" so you better hope your stylist goes all out with you. You want to MAKE them notice you. This? This is unnoticeable and boring.
Oh no, Adam Lambert. Stop it. I like shiny fabrics/colors when they are on jewelry, scarves, shoes, accessories. But an entire outfit? No thanks.

Fashion Quote of the Day

"But whatever you wear, always dress to kill."

Picture Perfect

Audrey Hepburn & Edith Head
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Picture Perfect

Vintage Grace Coddington
This is so major, I can't.
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Fashion Quote of the Day

"To have style you must believe in yourself."
Yves Saint Laurent

Emma Watson

Sweet, precious Emma Watson attended the "My Week With Marilyn" London premiere tonight looking extra lovely in this precious Jason Wu outfit. I love that she put this with a skirt instead of the shorts, as seen on the runway, because it's better for a premiere. And Emma knows that because she's classy. And can we just focus on her makeup? It looks amazing. She is so pretty, it makes me want to cry myself to sleep.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

On Set: "The Great Gatsby"

Alright. If you get nothing from this blog but two things, let them be as follows: 1. I love Leonardo DiCaprio. But young Leo. I guess I like all types of Leo. But 1997 ("Titanic" Leo) was my favorite. 2. I love the 1920s. I love absolutely positively every single thing about them. I love the clothes, the revolutions and the attitude. I mean, minus the whole economic crisis, if you focus on the fashion and the people, the only two really important things, it was kind of wonderful. SO with that being said, Leonardo DiCaprio is currently filming "The Great Gatsby" with Carey Mulligan and I could not be more excited if I tried. I mean, Leo and Carey in a movie about 1925? Granted, I don't know if I've read the book completely, but I need to make a trip to Barnes & Noble anyway. So, if you managed to stick with me through that confusing paragraph (Honestly you have to forgive me, I just saw "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" and it is causing me problems.) then you can only imagine how excited I am about this picture...
I AM DYING. Carey Mulligan was born to play a character in the 1920s. And this dress is perfection. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio was born to play a character in the 1920s. And he looks like Young Leo with his hair. It's all too much. I'm so excited, you guys.

Thursday, November 17, 2011