Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fashion Quote of the Day

"For me fashion is nothing more than a spontaneous antidepressant."
Eugene Hutz

Picture Perfect

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Vanessa Hudgens

Oh. My. No. I'm not so sure what is going on right here. It's like Coachella all over again. You remember Vanessa Hudgens' hideous Coachella outfits, I'm sure. Now, here's the thing. If I was a celebrity, and I will be soon enough, and I was wearing a weird wig and wearing weird alien rhinestone stickers on my face, I would NOT go outside to a liquor store. But I mean, that's just future celebrity Erin talking. Future celebrity Erin is also dating Ryan Gosling, so she clearly knows best.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Picture Perfect

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DKNY's Sunglass Soiree

Olivia Palermo and Jessica Szhor were just two out of the many celebrities to make an appearance earlier this week at DKNY's Sunglass Soiree in New York City. Naturally, Olivia Palermo looked gorgeous in this DKNY maxi dress, I am obsessed with color blocking, but Jessica Szhor. I literally have no idea what goes on in her mind when it comes to getting dressed like a normal human being. Her dress is a mess, but her hair I can't even begin to find the words to describe it. It's awful. I feel like she woke up frantically like "Oh my Gossip Girl you guys, I have to be at a fancy schmancy soiree in 2 minutes. Someone, braid my hair! But don't brush it, that'll waste like, too much time." And then her people did just as she said and she arrived. I hate it. She really has potential, but when she chooses to wear things like this, my faith is lost. At least she looks like she's having fun though. Or maybe she's confused. Her bangs are kind of all over the place...

Nick Jonas

You guys, I think I have to face the facts. Facts? What facts, you ask? Well, here's the thing. I love the Jonas Brothers (I've tried unloving them but there really is no use, they're forever in my heart.) and I have to face the fact that Nick Jonas is not single and probably will never date me (Which is fine considering my real celebrity boyf is his brother). But this, this I can deal with. What I cannot deal with is the fact that he still has that dang satchel with him. I truly do not understand. And I feel like the satchel is getting bigger each and every time I see it! I really do like his bowling bag though. Like, if it wasn't breaking I would totally want it as a purse. But this satchel, my friends, we must rid the world of it.

Julianne Moore

I hope to one day, age as gracefully as Julianne Moore. Of course, my life goal is to look like Helen Mirren (I know you've seen the bikini pictures. Jealous.) when I'm older, but Julianne Moore is a good start, I think. I'd also like her wardrobe. Well, future me wants her wardrobe. I really fancy her Lanvin dress. It's cute, simple and very appropriate for a talk show. Well played, Miss Moore.

Lady Gaga

Um... NO. I don't want to have to bring out the Liz Lemon eye roll picture again, but it seems as though I have no choice. On Tuesday Lady Gaga found two ways to disgust me. The sad thing is, I'm sure I would love the cheetah dress on someone else for let's say, an editorial, but right now, I can't. And with those red gloves? She's killing me. And don't even get me STARTED on the blue suit. She's not even in the new Smurf movie so I'm a little confused as to why she looks like she's part of the cast.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz, aka. The new Mrs. New James Bond, (That makes sense, you just have to think about it) made an appearance at the screening of "The Whistleblower" on Wednesday in this amazing Valentino dress. I love it. I love her hair, I love her nude pumps and (Although you can't see them in this picture) she was wearing some beautiful earrings. This entire look is effortless but perfect, so I'll ignore her "I just slid out of my limo" wrinkles on the front of her dress.

Fashion Quote of the Day

"If you ask any lady they want to be taller, they want to be slimmer, you know, and they want a waist. I am not here to make people look like a sack of potatoes."
Alexander McQueen

Friday, July 29, 2011

Picture Perfect

Leighton Meester
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Fashion Quote of the Day

"I am not young but I feel young. The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there. J'aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing."
Coco Chanel

Tom Felton & Rupert Grint

The "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" LA premiere was tonight (Which makes me mad for a few reasons, the main reason is because I wish I was there and I was working instead. Dumb.) and randomly Tom Felton is in the film. But that's not what I want to focus on. I want to focus on his bromance with Rupert Grint. Yesterday on Twitter he referred to Rupert as Rups which I thought was adorable, but tonight Rupert Grint surprised him at his premiere. He even came with a homemade shirt saying "I <3 Tom Felton." Everything about this is adorbs. Does this mean they are the new Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield? I sure hope so.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOVE Issue 6

I am kind of obsessed with LOVE Magazine's newest cover girls. Yes, plural. Chloe Moretz and my favorite young starlets Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning, grace three separate covers and I love them all. Well, and by all I mean I really love Hailee and Elle's cover shots. I love their natural, angelic looks (Well, with the exception of Chloe's devil horns) with their subtle tears. Oh gosh, I hate how much I love it.
She is so freaking pretty, I can't even handle it. And those gloves? Perfection.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hold. The. Phone. Ke$ha had a photo shoot with uber-creep celebrity photographer Terry Richardson and she looked so pretty and clean! She showered, you guys. I KNOW, RIGHT?! And while I love me some Ke$ha glitter, I have to give her a round of applause. Congratulations on being pretty, Ke$ha.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum

Bottega Veneta released the ad for their first women's fragrance and I instantly recognized the Bottega Veneta gown. How? I still have no idea how I'm able to spot dresses from years ago, but I'm thinking I remembered this particular dress due to the fact that Leighton Meester was the previous wearer. Leighton Meester wore this Bottega Veneta gown back in September of 2009 at the Emmy Awards. I loved it then, I still love it now. Oh shoulder knots, you are so pretty.

Glamour September 2011

Yes, that's right, it's my second favorite time of the year! The September issues are being released! (Just in case you were wondering, Christmas is my first favorite time of the year and my first in a half, is that a real thing? I think I made that up, is my birthday). I'm making secret guesses as to who will be on the cover of Vogue, but as much as I want Emma Stone to grace the cover (Oops, there goes one of my secret guesses) I feel like that is wishful thinking. But who knows, Anna Wintour did go through a weird phase of putting random people on her cover. So, Glamour's September cover girl is Rihanna which I love. Jennifer Lopez was last year's cover girl and I wasn't AS crazy about the shoot. Granted, I loved the cheetah print, but you know, it was kind of weird. This, this I love. She looks gorgeous and the clothes are pretty great as well. I am still kind of hating their editing though. Someone seriously needs to have a talking to.
Remember when I hated her red hair? Yeah, I don't know why I did because it's kind of amazing.
This Marc Jacobs dress is wonderful. Everything about it is wonderful.
Oh wow. This is a ridiculous Givenchy outfit. Is it wrong to love it just a little?
Love this Vionnet dress. It's so pretty. I can see this on Carey Mulligan.
Oh my gosh. I'm in love. I am in love with this Yves Saint Laurent coat. It is gorgeous and I need it in my life.
I actually like this Miu Miu dress. Granted I can't see the rest of it, but I like what I can see.
I'm jealous of her. Forever.

Fashion Quote of the Day

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"I like to dress egos, if you haven't got a big ego, you can forget it."
Gianni Versace

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Look: Mr Joe Jonas

Okay, I apologize in advance for anything I might say in this post. (i.e. "I want to kiss his face," "Look at his scruff," "He's so pretty I want to cry," "So what if I practiced my signature with his last name on it," etc.) The Jonas Brothers, mainly Joe Jonas, do things to me that I cannot and will not explain. We have a long history, but more on that another time. So, Joe Jonas (My ultimate celebrity crush forever and always) is featured on Mr Porter (Pronounced "poor-tay," like pret-a-porter. I'm sure you knew that, but the other day someone pronounced Louis Vuitton wrong, so you never know.) the brother site to Net-A-Porter. Speaking of which, if you have yet to visit Net-A-Porter, finish reading my blog and then spend an hour looking on their website at pretty, pretty things you can never afford, but so wish that you could. But back to Mr Porter. Joe Jonas is featured wearing some pretty dang attractive apparel. My favorite may or may not be the Gucci pea coat. I mean, put a man in a beanie and a pea coat and he has my heart. Fortunately (Or unfortunately, I haven't decided which yet) they did both. J'aime cet homme.
I literally cannot stop fangirling over this picture. It's just too much for me to handle today. I love it so.

ELLE Mexico August 2011

Okay, so you know how we all agree (And by "we all," I mean the entire world) that Selena Gomez may or may not be the cutest thing to walk the Earth since I don't know, baby dinosaurs? Yeah, well somehow she managed to stun us (By "us," I still mean the entire world) yet again with her photo shoot from ELLE Mexico's August issue. She is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I love the styling of the shoot, I love her makeup, I love her hair (Seriously, I'm surprised Garnier Fructis hasn't snatched her up already) and I just love her, okay?
I want this dress. Nay, I need this dress. It's BEAUTIFUL. Her dramatic strut sure helps too.
I kind of love this entire outfit. Seriously, this stylist did a fantastic job with this shoot. I am quite impressed and I haven't been impressed with entire shoots in quite some time.
Her. Hair. Is. Amazing.

Picture Perfect

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was in Russia today (Random, right?) promoting "Friends With Benefits" with JT and their director and she looked GORGEOUS. I mean, let's be honest, she's one of those celebrities that looks gorgeous all the time regardless of what she's wearing. But the fact that she chooses to wear beautiful outfits, like this dress for example, make her 10x more gorgeous. A job VERY well done, Mila Kunis.

Fashion Quote of the Day

"I've never been one to see women in ruffles and all kinds of fanciful apparel. To me it's just silly."
Calvin Klein

Monday, July 25, 2011

Andrew Garfield

Can we talk about my British boyfriend for a second? First, I love him. I thought I'd just throw that out there in case you're new to this blog. I love Andrew Garfield and I love Leighton Meester. They are MY celebrities. Don't pretend you don't have your specific celebrity guy and girl crushes. Second, I not only love Andrew Garfield because he's my British boyfriend, but because he's Spiderman and he still decides to wear socks with random designs on them. And he also decides to sit like this during an interview with Entertainment Weekly during Comic-Con. Oh, I love him so. I also love Emma Stone, but Leighton Meester wins by a few love heart points. I also love that Emma Stone is holding an AGarf pillow. Oh, can they please be dating in real life? That would make my heart SO happy.

Jennifer Lopez

I know J. Lo is going through a divorce and all that jazz, but that's no excuse to walk out of the house in this ugly mess of a dress. I mean, honestly. There are no redeeming qualities when it comes to this dress. Or her hair, as a matter of fact, but her dress mainly.

Picture Perfect

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fashion Quote of the Day

"It's a very foolish thing for a man to not be well dressed."
Lord Chesterfield

Super (Ugly) Cuts

You know how people in Hollywood like to copy each other? For instance, celebrity pregnancies. Once one star sees that another star is preggo, she gets knocked up faster than you can say "Wait, who is she dating again?..." Same with celebrity weddings, divorces, remakes (I mean, they are making two Snow White remakes AND "Friends With Benefits" is just "No Strings Attached" with different actors. Don't pretend you didn't notice.) and most recently, ugly haircuts. Yes, I am talking about Vanessa Hudgens and Robert Pattinson. Both relatively attractive people, both really ugly hair cuts. I know Baby V's haircut is for a "more serious and dramatic role" (Ha ha ha ha ha ha just give me a moment to soak THAT up), but I don't know why RPatz decided to cut his hair. Maybe he decided to do it and then stopped halfway and thought "Wait a minute, I look better with at least some hair on my head!" and made the hairdresser (Or KStew, I don't know who cuts his hair, I don't know his life.) put down the scissors, or in this case, the hair trimmer. Either way, have a look for yourself. It's not pretty, my friends. Not pretty at all.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde made an appearance at the premiere of "Cowboys & Aliens" in San Diego yesterday in this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana gown. I actually really like it. I also really love, and by really love I mean it pisses me off, that all the stars are in San Diego right now. I live about an hour away from San Diego. Seriously everyone from Emma Stone to Sam Claflin are there, or at least have been this weekend. Life is so unfair, no? But back to Olivia Wilde, I like her dress. A lot.