Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Picture Perfect

Happy Halloween!*
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*Because Halloween is scary, Audrey Hepburn & George Peppard are going to keep you company today. Enjoy!

Fashion Quote of the Day

"The mirrors reflect a sense of displacement in today's fashion, a lack of clear vision."
Miuccia Prada

Glamour December 2012

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Selena Gomez graces the cover of Glamour's December issue and I love it. She was chosen as their annual Woman of the Year, for her work with UNICEF and whatnot. Nope, not whatnot. It was just for UNICEF. Either way. She looks stunning, it's not much of a shoot and Glamour is still over-editing like it's nobody's business over there, but if we look over all that, this is so great.
 Yep. I love this so much.
 Oh, you work that Angelina Jolie slit, girl.
When I saw this picture, I thought she was Katy Perry for .90 seconds. Real talk.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

I love Kim Kardashian and Kanye West together and I love them apart. Unfortunately, the more time they spend together, the more time I am left here questioning Kanye's fashion influence on Kim. It's really starting to worry me. Now, I have never been to Miami, but I'm assuming one does not just stroll around in leather pants. Nope? Nope. I don't get you, Kimye. But I love you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Picture Perfect

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Lucky December 2012

I rarely write about Lucky anymore because they have such small cover shoots and I would just rather write about another magazine. BUT their December cover cannot go unnoticed, for many reasons. Britney Spears graces the cover and uh, yeah. It's bad. It's so bad. I am Team Britney. I always have been and I always will be, and I am truly confused by the use of a wig on the cover. Yes, Britney has had some hair troubles in the past, but it's been like 4 years, her hair has grown back successfully by now. This is no excuse. They are getting a LOT of hate about it actually and issued a Tweet apology (shown below). I'm glad, and frankly kind of surprised that they apologized, but that doesn't make this cover and it's horrible Photoshop go away... It's forever in our minds. Also, as my friend pointed out, it looks more like a February cover than a December cover. This just needs to be shut down. It's embarrassing.
The cover actually had potential though, you guys. That's the saddest part about it.
I feel like they just gave up on the styling too.
Oh, did I mention that it gets worse? Because it does. What is this outfit? I feel like it's something Cher had in her closet in "Clueless."
And Lucky's apology... I still can't though.

Robert Pattinson

Ugh, promotion for the last installment of "Twilight" (I don't even know what this next one is called anymore, I've lost track. "Breaking Dawn?" "Breaking Bad?" "Breaking Hearts?") has evidently begun, which should be interesting for, well, no one but little tweens who are still on team KStew and RPatz. Will they promote together or won't they? I don't think they will. I also don't care. Also, he attended the Australia premiere last week solo and he looked like a giant British booger. So there's that. RPatz will forever be a question mark in my mind. I just don't get him. But to answer your question, yes, I'll be at the midnight premiere. Don't judge me, okay?

Glamour UK December 2012

Oh hey guys, I'm back! Now I have a lot to talk about. December issues are starting to come out (Cue my happy dance and incessant "It's Christmastime!" speeches.) and I am so excited. Cheryl Cole graces the cover of Glamour UK's December issue and I like it. It's cute and simple and that's all I really want in a magazine cover, you guys. I'm not difficult to please. Plus, she's just the cutest little thing and I cannot get over how much I love her top knot bun. It's perfect.
 I'm going to need this dress, okay?
Yes, this is the Marchesa dress Katy Perry wore a few months ago. I still like it though. Enough to see it twice? Perhaps not. I'm just really weird about fashion repeats still, okay?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Picture Perfect

I'm off on a mini-vacation to visit one of my best friends! I shall be back in a few days, but will most likely be annoyingly active on Twitter and this little bloggy's Facebook. Just in case you're interested. It helps me sleep at night to think you are...
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Fashion Quote of the Day

"Now that Cinderella's fairy godmother no longer exists, the couturier must be the magician."
Christian Dior

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Picture Perfect

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Jessica Chastain

After seeing this picture, I let out an immediate "OH. MY. GOSH." It was very dramatic, very loud, I was very alone whilst doing it, but I don't care. Jessica Chastain looked stunning last night at the Harry Winston party last night, which was thrown in her honor, by the way. I cannot get over her adorable Jason Wu dress (Which was one of my favorites from his latest collection.), her Harry Winston jewels, her hair and her makeup. Everything is flawless. Don't mind me as I girl crush all over this. Okay. Great.

Bradley Cooper

Many of you know that the love of my life, my pet fish, is named Bradley Cooper after the gorgeous Bradley Cooper, naturally. Last night Bradley Cooper, the human not the fish, attended the 2012 Hollywood Film Awards Gala and I actually cannot with him right now. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIS HAIR? This is certainly NOT the Bradley Cooper I named my goldfish after, you guys. This is not good and needs to be shut down right now. And to top off his horrible new hair, a shiny suit? Really, B. Coops? Bradley Cooper Fish and I are judging you, real Bradley Cooper. We are judging hard.

Fashion Quote of the Day

"I believe we're all beautiful on the inside. But you might as well do what you can on the outside."
Jonathan Adler

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Picture Perfect

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Vogue November 2012

Well, Rihanna graces the cover of Vogue. Again. She was just on their April 2011 cover, but here she is again on their November cover. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Rihanna. I do. But do I love her enough to give her two Vogue covers so close together? No, no I do not. I am truly BAFFLED by the Vogue offices as of late, I really don't understand who is running things because this is (In my opinion, which is the only one that matters when it comes to this. Honestly.) unacceptable. But ugh, WHATEVER okay? She looks pretty, I'm just bored. I'm so bored. Like, yes, go lay out in the fields and prance around in the forest. It's not like Vogue hasn't done that for the past 23849 issues. My gosh. The lack of creativity really frustrates me.
How she manages to look good in literally ever hair color and hair cut is beyond me.
This is their new "go to" pose, isn't it?

Heidi Montag

Yes. Heidi Montag. There's a name you thought (PRAYED) you'd never see again. But alas, here she is and apparently she's still a thing. She hosted some event in Las Vegas on Friday and I just cannot. Judging by all the hilarious comments you guys left on Facebook, ranging from "Oh God" to "Ewww she is awful" to "This makes me sad :(" to "Gross" to "Sick" to "What has she done to herself...," I think you all agree with me. She is just NO. She's no. Plain and simple. I am so sad for her as a person. I'm so sad and distraught over her as a person that I don't even have energy to try to figure out what she's wearing. A velvet bodysuit tucked into pleather shorts? Say it ain't so, Heidi. Say it ain't so. Let's just have a moment of silence for Heidi pre-Spencer and "The Hills." Is it so bad that I actually do miss that show though? C'est la vie, don't judge me.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kim Kardashian

Heaven knows I love me a Kardashian, but sometimes I don't understand them. Kim Kardashian Tweeted "I LOVE this outfit! Why do I always dress cooler when my bf is in town!?" Okay, well, no. Like, do you dress cooler when Kanye is in town, Kim? DO YOU? Because judging by this leather diaper situation going on, I'm going to say no, no you do not. This is not cool. This is the opposite of dressing cool. It's heinous. I actually have no words. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL for Kim's new style and her new relationship (LONG LIVE KIMYE) but if she continues to dress like this and/or think that she's actually dressing better with him in her life, then we are going to have to have a talk, little miss. Shut this down. Shut this down now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Picture Perfect

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Alison Brie

Okay, this post will most likely turn into a long ramble about how mad I am at NBC for delaying (yet again) the final season of "Community." I mean, yes, I want it to last as long as possible (#sixseasonsandamovie) but I also want it right now. I can't wait any longer. I don't understand why NBC loathes the show so much. Maybe the ratings aren't "top notch," (That's how I picture the NBC executives talking about ratings. Aka. That's how I picture Jack Donaghy talking about ratings. Same thing.) but the show is just SO good. SO good. Last season they dedicated an entire episode to "Law & Order." It was the most perfect thing I think I've ever seen. Okay. Okay. I'm done. I just really miss it, okay? Anyway, Alison Brie, who stars in "Community," (Obviously. I told you this had a point to it.) is featured in NYLON Guys' November issue looking just gorgeous, as always. She is so great, I want to be friends with her. I also want her hair. It's a little bit perfect, no? Yes. Yes is the answer you were looking for. Always "yes" when dealing with Alison Brie. So, to sum this up, I love "Community," I'm mad at NBC, I think NBC executives look like Alec Baldwin and say things like "top notch" and I want to be friends with Alison Brie. 
 This is my favorite. Everything about it?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Picture Perfect

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"People want to express themselves - that's what fashion is for."

Marie Claire November 2012

I've made no efforts to keep my dislike for Ashley Greene on the down-low throughout the years, but I have to give her credit where it is due. Because she looks really stinkin' great on the cover of Marie Claire's November issue. It's whatever, you guys. I don't really want to talk about it. Only, you know I do because like, I am a blogger and I cannot NOT talk about something. That's also whatever. So many "whatevers" tonight. Another whatever, is the rest of the photoshoot. It's like, kinda boring. WHATEVER. Yes, again. Don't judge me.
 Ugh, hair envy over here.
I'm not truly understanding her hair here. I don't like it.
Okay, but I do like this Antonio Berardi blazer and pant situation thing going on though. Also, these Manolo Blahnik shoes are great.

Emma Stone

Ugh, Emma Stone is so perfect. I actually take offense to anyone who disagrees with me. (Yes, that was to you, Mother. Don't think I've forgotten what you've said about her being a weird interviewer...) Anyway, she's so great and I want to be best friends with her. She was being extra perfect last night at ELLE's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration. I'm a little bit obsessed with her Valentino dress. And that's saying something considering I'm not the biggest fan of collars and such. It's a childhood thing, I don't want to talk about it. But somehow, someway, Emma Stone has won me over. Also, I still really love her blonde hair. I LOVE HER SO MUCH, YOU GUYS.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Picture Perfect

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"We are living in a material world so why not live with something beautiful."
Tom Ford

Miley Cyrus

Mileybird made an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Friday and as much as I actually hate to admit this, I am finding nothing wrong with her little outfit. She is totally working this Anthony Vaccarello bustier and don't even get me started on how obsessed I am with this Moschnio skirt. Like, oh my crap. It's so fun! I'm even okay with her red shoes. I don't know. I am, however, having some major problems with her hair. I just hate it so much? I honestly, truthfully, feel betrayed by Miley Cyrus. I feel like this haircut was her way of saying "I don't love you as much as you love me, Erin Brady." Because, obviously, my name was the first name to pop into her head during her horrifying haircut session. I mean, I'm sure that's not true, but it's a little comforting. It's just a rough time in my life right now...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Picture Perfect

Boy. by Band of Outsiders Fall 2012

Amy Adams, one of my many girl crushes, is the face for Boy. by Band of Outsiders' Fall 2012 ad campaign and I am, of course, a little (lot) bit obsessed. I am always so in lust with Scott Sternberg's Polaroid shots for Band of Outsiders and this one is no exception. I tried narrowing down my favorite shots, but like, I think I chose almost all of them. NO REGRETS. Okay, now I kind of regret saying "No regrets" in all CAPS, but what are you gonna do?
 She's the cutest little nugget! 
 There's a slight, major, possibility that I need this dress in my life.