Friday, May 31, 2013

Cosmopolitan UK July 2013

I'm having a may-jor (Yep, sorry for that too.) girl crush on Isla Fisher right now. She is Cosmopolitan UK's July cover girl and, you guessed it, I love it. She's so tiny and cute. She makes me want to dye my hair red, but alas I'm remaining a hair dye virgin until the right hair dye comes along. JK just until the next time I find a grey (Because evidently that's a thing now?)/I'm too scared of dyeing my hair. Such struggles I face, you guys.
She's so cute, I can't.
This eye makeup is kind of incredible. Also, I love me a photoshoot at a bar.
Well, I actually don't like this picture all that much, but I'm dying over the headboard. I just moved and haven't found a headboard I like yet, but this may or may not be changing my mind. I'm in love.

Marie Claire June 2013

Okay, I don't enjoy listening to country music whatsoever, but I have such a soft spot in my heart for little miss Carrie Underwood. I think she's so darling, down-to-Earth and relatable. I really adore her. She graces the June cover of Marie Claire and it's a very simple and refreshing shoot - much like what I am imagining she is like. (That was a very poorly written sentence, it's been a long day.)

I am all about this Burberry Prorsum swimsuit right now, you guys. ALL ABOUT IT.
I love pretty much everything about this Giambattista Valli outfit and this picture in general. 

Fashion Quote of the Day

"In fashion there is a trust for people who have seen things, who can remember things."
Tim Blanks

Vogue UK July 2013

Ugh, I still think Helena Bonham Carter is the coolest/weirdest/most interesting person I don't know. She is so fascinating to me. She graces the July cover of Vogue UK all glammed (ignore me) up. I honestly thought she was Rachel Weisz when I first glanced at it. But then I saw the black and white picture with a mustache and it clicked. Oh HBC, you are Queen. 
She looks like Cher Lloyd here. My eyeballs are clearly not used to seeing her look "normal."

Picture Perfect

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Picture Perfect

(Via Pinterest)

Glamour UK June 2013

Okay, haters keep hating, but I love Gwyneth Paltrow. Like, yeah she's spoiled and probably really stuck up, but I mean, just let Gwyn be Gwyn, y'all. Yep, y'all came out. That's how strongly I feel about this. She's quickly become one of Hollywood's most hated, but I don't care. I think she's great. Speaking of great, she graces the cover of Glamour UK's June issue and I actually love the cover. She looks stunning, that can be agreed on by everyone.
I need a trench coat. I need one now. I know it's 90 degrees in Los Angeles, but you know, that's okay.

Glamour June 2013

Pink, of all people, graces the cover of Glamour's June issue and I am having mixed feelings about it. They're not entirely great feelings, but feelings nonetheless are being had. I appreciate the fact that Glamour actually stepped outside of a studio for this shoot, but for some reason it keeps reminding me of the scene in "Transformers" when Megan Fox is working on Shia LaBeouf's Transformer car looking all "Oh what? Me? Yeah, I'm hot and I can do things with robot cars." I mean, am I the only one getting that vibe? It's whatever. I watch too many movies.
Well this Donna Karan gown is wonderful. I'm not digging the briefs or the car, or their stupid captions still, but you know. Whatever.
This outfit is the worst.
 These pants are the worst.
 This outfit is ALSO the worst. My gosh.

Fashion Quote of the Day

"Don't dress for fashion, dress for yourself."
Paul Smith