Thursday, May 2, 2013

Glamour June 2013

Pink, of all people, graces the cover of Glamour's June issue and I am having mixed feelings about it. They're not entirely great feelings, but feelings nonetheless are being had. I appreciate the fact that Glamour actually stepped outside of a studio for this shoot, but for some reason it keeps reminding me of the scene in "Transformers" when Megan Fox is working on Shia LaBeouf's Transformer car looking all "Oh what? Me? Yeah, I'm hot and I can do things with robot cars." I mean, am I the only one getting that vibe? It's whatever. I watch too many movies.
Well this Donna Karan gown is wonderful. I'm not digging the briefs or the car, or their stupid captions still, but you know. Whatever.
This outfit is the worst.
 These pants are the worst.
 This outfit is ALSO the worst. My gosh.


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