Monday, October 31, 2011

Picture Perfect

Happy Halloween!
Stay classy and chic tonight, my friends.
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Fashion Quote of the Day

"Never use the word 'cheap.' Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (The rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans - it's up to you."
Karl Lagerfeld

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Picture Perfect

Anna Wintour
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Fashion Quote of the Day

"Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life."
Bill Cunningham New York

I need to Netflix this documentary NOW.

Taylor Swift

Oh, I am really excited about the dress Taylor Swift wore to the launch of "Wonderstruck" today in Franklin, Tennessee. Not only is it adorable, I mean, look at it, but it's not tan or champagne. And it doesn't have sparkles. I need this dress in my closet. It's honestly so wonderful.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jessica Biel

I can't decide whether I absolutely loathe the Giambattista Valli gown Jessica Biel wore last night or whether I absolutely love it. I'm in a pickle. It's fabulous, but is she pulling it off?... I don't like her hair though, it's not suitable for the dress.

Kate Middleton

I still don't know if we're allowed to just call her Kate Middleton, or if it has to be Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but either way, she looked absolutely gorgeous Wednesday night at the "In Kind Direct" Charity Event. Her gown is so, so pretty and dainty, just like the Duchess herself. I truly love it. Also, did you hear that if they have a daughter, she could be Queen. WHATEVER THAT'S NO PRESSURE. I'm so bloody excited. I swear I'm like, 90% British and not like, 10%.
Look at the detailing. GORGEOUS.
There is no picture of her alone, so this will do. It's really pretty, you guys.

Dream Come True

Uh. NO. I am all for new fragrances. Honestly. I have an array of different perfumes of my own, which ranges from "Chance" by Chanel to "Viva la Juicy" by Juicy Couture to Vanilla Flower from Henri Bendel. See? Wide range. But I cannot get behind the newest perfume from, wait for it, "America's Next Top Model." Yes, the show. I mean, what? Appropriately, or stupidly, called Dream Come True, it has a buttload of scents which include; pink freesia, red currant, honeydew, plum blossom, Amazonian lily, empress peony, blondewood (What is that?), sparkling musk, Tahitian vanilla and pink sugar. Yeah. See? Buttload. And the bottle is heinous, it's a mix between "Viva la Juicy" and a fragrance from Victoria's Secret. It debuts in January and I'm just not okay with it. Also, can we talk about "America's Next Top Model" for a second? Does anyone watch it besides Tyra?

Bloody Brilliant Nails

Okay. I don't like Halloween. Costume shops scare me, I loathe blood, the smell of scary masks of zombies or old presidents makes me nauseous and due to the fact I can't go trick-or-treating anymore it seems pointless. And plus, due to the fact that I don't go to real college and/or drink I don't get invited to Halloween parties, so naturally, it sucks. BUT I do kind of love these bloody nails featured on Refinery29. They are a little bit amazing and they don't look that hard to accomplish. Shall we?
Bloody brilliant, no?
First, you paint your nails white (I recommend two coats considering white is transparent and no one likes transparent painted nails.) and then they instruct you to tape around your nails in order to save your fingers from looking like you murdered someone after the next step.
After you tape your nails, take a straw and dip it in the red nail polish and splatter away. This part looks fun. I recommend picking up a Sally Hansen "No More Mistakes" Manicure Clean-Up Pen. It's about $4, available at Target, and honestly a miracle worker.

ELLE Russia November 2011

Despite the fact Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore this Gucci gown back in June, I still think it's gorgeous and I love it even more on Anouck Lepere for the November cover of ELLE Russia. She's gorgeous and the lighting on the cover is amazing. I even love that the font is all white with one caption in black. It's so much better than the recent US covers which are in all different colors which is so distracting and ugly. I'm talking to you, Teen Vogue.

Picture Perfect

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet."
Christian Dior

Sandra Bullock

Seeing that Sandra Bullock made an appearance on the red carpet last night was a pleasant surprise. The fact that she showed up to the amfAR Inspiration Gala wearing this gorgeous AllSaints dress was an even more pleasant surprise. I'm kind of in love with it. I don't like her shoes, but this is actually perfection. The fact that she put a blazer over it actually made it okay because it's more age appropriate. I don't know. I'm in love. I need this dress for New Years Eve.

Glamour December 2011

Jennifer Lopez, of all people, graces the cover of Glamour's December issue which is their Women of the Year issue. Now, I'm not exactly sure what she did to deserve woman of the year, but okay... And also, I have a bone to pick with Glamour. And that bone is this, she was on the cover of their September 2010 issue. That's just too soon to repeat cover girls already. And plus, there is more than one woman of the year inside the issue, so I'm confused as to why they didn't choose a woman of the year who is actually a true woman of the year instead of repeating covergirls. Is that just me? Or is that really annoying? I mean, I can think of about 5 other women who deserve Woman of the Year. Right? Whatever. While she does look kind of fierce (Although the fact she is pushing her boobs up with her arm is kind of distracting), it still doesn't make up for anything.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Picture Perfect

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel
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Fashion Quote of the Day

"I do not like when one speaks of the Chanel fashion. Chanel is above all style. Fashion passes, style remains."
Gabrielle Chanel

Glamour UK December 2011

Kristen Stewart is on the cover of Glamour UK's December issue and I've come to the conclusion that KStew has officially mastered the "I'm pissed but actually kinda pretty" look. I mean, at first when I saw the cover, I rolled my eyes, but the pictures inside the spread are actually really pretty. I just need people to do something to her hair. I mean, her hair is straight in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO I've seen of her. Last time I checked she didn't have a contract which said people cannot touch her hair, so I'm confused. But despite the fact that she looks mad, she does look rather comfortable. It's not a smile, but it's a small step, you guys. We've still got one last "Twilight" movie left, so fingers crossed. Also, I'd like to add that I am SO THANKFUL Glamour UK used a different photoshoot. I was afraid they'd be the same as her Glamour US November cover photoshoot. Because you all know how much I hate when international versions of magazines steal pictures. Ugh. I should stop being so picky about it, but I care too much.
"Kristen: On Loving EVERYTHING British." Dumb. I also read British and thought it said Bitch. Also, "My husband has never spoken to me" and "Are you good at sex?" Honestly. They should hire me to do captions for the cover. What a hot mess. But I like that the colors match her dress.
Pissed and pretty. I think it's her makeup that is making her eyes pop. I love it.
This dress is gorgeous. I do not love the stool though. Shut that down now.
She looks really, really pretty here. I'm half shocked, half really proud. And yeah, her hair is pulled back, but it's still super straight. I need options, people!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Olivia Wilde

I kind of love the J. Mendel gown Olivia Wilde wore to the Glamour Reel Moments event on Monday. I haven't been in love with many of Olivia Wilde's recent outfits, but this has my heart for some reason. And these Brian Atwood pumps are amazing-incredible. I mean, honestly. I love the contrast of the colors. And her makeup looks wonderful. This is just perfection all around.

Rose Smith

Oh, I LOVE Rose Smith's editorial in Madison Magazine's November issue. So gorgeous. I love the styling and the story the editorial is telling. Ah, I die. I also kind of want to marry this cute man model. He's adorable.
I adore her hair in the picture on the right. It's kind of gorgeous. I love me some 1940s hairstyles.
I DIE for these sunglasses. Oh my gosh. I need them.

Alina Lie

Alina Lie is featured in an editorial in Glamour Spain's October issue and I'm a tiny bit in love. Everything is so simple, but so sophisticated. I love the styling immensely. Ah a job well done! (Oh, that sounded better in my head).
I need this sweater.
I also need this dress.
I need these pants too. I'm so needy.

Sarah Jessica Parker

FRUMPY FRUMPSTERS. I do not understand what is going on as of late. Sarah Jessica Parker needs to step it up. Just like 7 years ago she was the ultimate fashionista, I don't understand what is happening. This Antonio Berardi dress is just no. And her patterned tights make it look like she has ugly tattoos on her inner thigh.

Nicki Minaj for OPI

This is an unexpected collaboration. Nicki Minaj has a new OPI nail polish collection due out in January. The six color collection of brightly colored nail polish lacks creative names. The names are titles of her songs, which whatever, that's boring. Maybe I'm just upset because OPI always has such cute nail polish names. I think I like the glitter one though. The green and blue ones are a little bit disgusting.

Samarie Armstrong

Remember Samarie Armstrong? You know, the blonde girl with the ugly haircut who kept trying to make out with Adam Brody on "The O.C.?" Yeah. This is her. She is a hot mess. I don't even know where to BEGIN with this. She looks like Ke$ha's long lost sister. I'm telling you, that is a scandalous story waiting to happen. Fingers crossed People picks it up first.

Camilla Belle

Wait. A. Minute. Is there actually a possibility I like Camilla Belle's dress? No. This is madness. I blame it on the coffee and Fruit Loops I had this morning. But then again, I think I actually like it. No. MADNESS. What do you think? Am I in a pickle or is this amazing?

London Fog Winter 2011

Um. Nicole Scherzinger is the new face in London Fog's Winter 2011 campaign and I am super unamused. I mean, really? The first one has her stuck with a really weird facial expression and the second one looks like she's trying too hard, although I love the outfit and the bag. Quite an unfortunate time.

Anne Hathaway

Oh, Anne Hathaway is wearing her Terry Richardson glasses out and about again. I thought we were over this, Anne. Like it was a little bit "What the what?!" back in April, but why are they back? Unless, you know, she actually needs them to see... But the "trendiness" of these "glasses" is not okay.

Picture Perfect

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"Women should look like women. A piece of cardboard has no sexuality."
Alexander McQueen

Leighton Meester

Yes, back to back posts of the Duchess of my Heart. Leave me alone. Leighton Meester was on set of "Gossip Girl" yesterday in this um, heinous outfit. She looks like a Muppet. Really. Maybe Blair Waldorf's pregnancy is getting to her brain? Like, some of the pieces are nice, separately, but I'm confused as to why they were all paired together. I do love her bag though and her hat is precious, but I mean, it's a little much. I blame Blair's unborn baby.

Leighton Meester

I love that precious Leighton Meester was out and about last night at the Roger Vivier Cocktail Party but I'm not so in love with her J. Mendel dress. It's just, there. Nothing is really popping out at me, but I mean, she's still adorable and I want to be her best friend, so it's nothing too terrible.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has been looking SUPER frumpy as of late. I know she has three kids now, but that is no excuse. Angelina Jolie has like thirty kids and she looks more composed. I just really hate the Narciso Rodriguez dress she wore last night to the New York premiere of "Tower Heist." I'm just not understanding this. It's really unflattering and almost homely looking. Not a fan, SJP. Not. A. Fan.

Picture Perfect

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"You cannot really like one pair of shoes more than the others. They remind you of a moment, like a memory of a great love story. I look at another shoe related to a great trip and it reminds me of that..."
Christian Louboutin [When asked if he has a favorite pair of shoes he's designed]

Emma Stone

Emma Stone looked bananas last night at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala. I love her entire look, from head to toe. From her gorgeous hair, to her Irene Neuwirth earrings to her very 1920s inspired Jonathan Saunders dress to her Christian Dior shoes. I'm actually obsessed with this entire look. There are only a couple things I love more than Emma Stone, and that would be the Roaring 20s. Amazing. Can I please be her friend?...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fan Bingbing

I am actually going to shed a tear. I cannot get over how stunning Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing, looked last night at the Tokyo International Film Festival Opening Ceremony. This Jason Wu dress is BANANAS. She looks amazing in it. You'd think the dress would be overpowering, but oddly enough it's just right. Go big or go home, right? Gosh, I cannot get over it. Her simple hair style adds to it and let's not forget these sparkly Christian Louboutin shoes which are the cherry on top of something truly magical, my friends.

Taylor Momsen

The fact that this is the least slutty "outfit" Taylor Momsen has worn as of late is concerning on a number of different levels. Mainly, the fact that she is younger than my baby sister. And by baby, I mean 18. But still. Despite the fact that I can pretty much see her um, goodies? (Is that what kids call it nowadays?) the fact that she has pigtails brings this to a-whole-nother creep level. Where is Cindy Lou Who? Where is Jenny Humphrey? More importantly, I guess I should ask where are her parents?...

Picture Perfect

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Fashion Quote of the Day

"If I'm going to be a mess then I'm going to be a glamourous mess."
Rachel Zoe

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Picture Perfect

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Justin Timberlake

I hope I'm not the only one here who is having problems with this. I didn't even notice Justin Timberlake at the LA premiere of his new "movie" "In Time" partially because a) I'm still in denial that he's even trying to be an actor b) I'm still in denial that he's even trying to be an actor. Oh, did I say that twice? How silly. I just truly need whatever this is to be shut down immediately. Like, a navy tie and a brown shirt UNDER a tan suit? I mean, are you trying to hurt my feelings, Justin?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester made an appearance last night at the Jimmy Choo "Icons Collection" Celebration last night in this super cute Jason Wu outfit. I love her too much. I do wish her bangs were parted to the side, but her makeup and shoes are so stunning, I can deal. I'm not sure in love with the belt, but I have a really hard time critiquing her too much. My love knows no bounds. Or something.