Friday, October 28, 2011

Dream Come True

Uh. NO. I am all for new fragrances. Honestly. I have an array of different perfumes of my own, which ranges from "Chance" by Chanel to "Viva la Juicy" by Juicy Couture to Vanilla Flower from Henri Bendel. See? Wide range. But I cannot get behind the newest perfume from, wait for it, "America's Next Top Model." Yes, the show. I mean, what? Appropriately, or stupidly, called Dream Come True, it has a buttload of scents which include; pink freesia, red currant, honeydew, plum blossom, Amazonian lily, empress peony, blondewood (What is that?), sparkling musk, Tahitian vanilla and pink sugar. Yeah. See? Buttload. And the bottle is heinous, it's a mix between "Viva la Juicy" and a fragrance from Victoria's Secret. It debuts in January and I'm just not okay with it. Also, can we talk about "America's Next Top Model" for a second? Does anyone watch it besides Tyra?

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