Friday, October 28, 2011

Glamour December 2011

Jennifer Lopez, of all people, graces the cover of Glamour's December issue which is their Women of the Year issue. Now, I'm not exactly sure what she did to deserve woman of the year, but okay... And also, I have a bone to pick with Glamour. And that bone is this, she was on the cover of their September 2010 issue. That's just too soon to repeat cover girls already. And plus, there is more than one woman of the year inside the issue, so I'm confused as to why they didn't choose a woman of the year who is actually a true woman of the year instead of repeating covergirls. Is that just me? Or is that really annoying? I mean, I can think of about 5 other women who deserve Woman of the Year. Right? Whatever. While she does look kind of fierce (Although the fact she is pushing her boobs up with her arm is kind of distracting), it still doesn't make up for anything.

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