Friday, May 31, 2013

Cosmopolitan UK July 2013

I'm having a may-jor (Yep, sorry for that too.) girl crush on Isla Fisher right now. She is Cosmopolitan UK's July cover girl and, you guessed it, I love it. She's so tiny and cute. She makes me want to dye my hair red, but alas I'm remaining a hair dye virgin until the right hair dye comes along. JK just until the next time I find a grey (Because evidently that's a thing now?)/I'm too scared of dyeing my hair. Such struggles I face, you guys.
She's so cute, I can't.
This eye makeup is kind of incredible. Also, I love me a photoshoot at a bar.
Well, I actually don't like this picture all that much, but I'm dying over the headboard. I just moved and haven't found a headboard I like yet, but this may or may not be changing my mind. I'm in love.

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