Sunday, July 24, 2011

Super (Ugly) Cuts

You know how people in Hollywood like to copy each other? For instance, celebrity pregnancies. Once one star sees that another star is preggo, she gets knocked up faster than you can say "Wait, who is she dating again?..." Same with celebrity weddings, divorces, remakes (I mean, they are making two Snow White remakes AND "Friends With Benefits" is just "No Strings Attached" with different actors. Don't pretend you didn't notice.) and most recently, ugly haircuts. Yes, I am talking about Vanessa Hudgens and Robert Pattinson. Both relatively attractive people, both really ugly hair cuts. I know Baby V's haircut is for a "more serious and dramatic role" (Ha ha ha ha ha ha just give me a moment to soak THAT up), but I don't know why RPatz decided to cut his hair. Maybe he decided to do it and then stopped halfway and thought "Wait a minute, I look better with at least some hair on my head!" and made the hairdresser (Or KStew, I don't know who cuts his hair, I don't know his life.) put down the scissors, or in this case, the hair trimmer. Either way, have a look for yourself. It's not pretty, my friends. Not pretty at all.

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