Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cosmopolitan January 2012

While I was disappointed in Glamour's choice for cover girls for their January 2012 issue, I was still a little pleased. I was mainly angry over the fact that they had recycled covergirls, but I mean, I can't stay mad at the Kardashian family for too long because they're, well, Kardashians. BUT I can be officially disappointed in Cosmopolitan. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't have high hopes when it comes to Cosmo. I mean, I'm just going to look over the text on their cover because that is atrocious (What is also atrocious is the fact that I had to Google the word "atrocious" because it took me a good 8 tries to spell it before I gave up. It's a difficult word to spell, you guys.) but the entire cover is bad. Scarlett Johannson isn't my favorite, you know that, but I kind of feel bad for her. I feel bad for anyone and everyone on the cover of Cosmo. I mean, someone at the Cosmo office needs to be fired. Who Photoshops these covers? Her hair looks weird, her armpits are too smooth for my liking, she had a breast reduction out of nowhere, her left arm looks uncomfortable and her curves are gone-ish. I hate it. And I hate that it makes me feel bad for her because this wasn't her fault entirely.

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