Monday, November 28, 2011

Dayton's Window Displays

My bestie's Mama just sent me one of the most wonderful articles I've seen in a long time. Call me crazy, but I am convinced I was born about 70 years too late. As much as I love technology (Mainly my best friend the Internet) I could live without it. Honestly. I could be a flapper girl with a cloche and finger waves. (I am about 84% sure I could pull the look off). Anyway, back in the day, Dayton's (Now known as Target, aka. Heaven) had an entire Window Display Department. I know what you're thinking "Okay, and?... Anthropologie has a window display department." But no. You're wrong. Well, you are kind of wrong. They do have a visual team, but they are nowhere near as inventive as the designers were for Dayton's. Everyone from Salvador Dali to Andy Warhol helped in designing the retail windows and I am obsessed. I know it sounds silly and probably doesn't make sense but THIS is what I love about fashion. I love the history. And the fur. But mostly the history. I hope you followed all of this and didn't give up at "My bestie..." Enjoy my favorite pictures while I sit here and cry over the fact that I was born in the dumb 90s.
This window display from 1900 was also a little bit fantastic.
This is everything I love all wrapped into one. Fur coats and 1920? I mean, yes please and thank you ever so much.
This display from 1923, appropriately titled "The Bride" reminds me of the scene in "Singing in the Rain" (My favorite movie of all time, it beats out "Titanic.") where the guy is singing "Beautiful Girl" and all the girls are standing in different windows wearing gorgeous dresses. Tell me you know what I'm talking about. Whatever. It's real. I swear.
This is my favorite. The late 1920s are my favorite.
I almost like that this is only in black and white. I like imagining the different colors of her shoes and dress. It's more fun that way. Right? Nope, I'm just an old lady at heart.
Women in 1957 were so classy and sophisticated. I'm jealous.
Oh so very Grace Kelly, no?

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