Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens

WOW. Today's posts are turning out to be super fugly. So, you know how I like to say that celebrities read my blog (Even though they don't) and you like to sit there and think (Or say outloud to yourself. I don't judge.) "Oh Erin. You're so silly. That's a funny little lie you told yourself."? Yeah. Well I think you need to take that back. I was just bitching about Vanessa Hudgens' horrible hair the other day and then BAM her hair magically grew. Call it fate or vitamins or a wig or extensions, but I'd like to call it the magic of my blog. But her Tiny Tim hat? Shut that down. Her fringe bag? Shut that down too. Her Uggs and sweats? Shut it ALL down. I'm thinking this Austin Butlers boyfriend she has is a bad influence.

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