Wednesday, January 9, 2013

People's Choice Awards 2013

Let me start this off by saying two things. 1. I was a guest (Ahem, seat filler, same thing.) tonight for the People's Choice Awards. (If you watch the show, I'm like 5 minutes into it. It's whatever, no big deal. Actually, I freaked out. But like, silently... On the Internet.) So, with that being said, I may or may not take this blog post to brag and for that, I'm actually really sorry. 2. I actually don't care about the People's Choice Awards, but some of my favorite celebrities were there, so it's like c'est la vie. You know? That's all. I'll stop bragging... Maybe. Gosh, my humility has just gone out the window on this one. I can't stop, it's like word vomit.
Can we just talk about how much I love Jennifer Lawrence? I know it's a known fact, I remind you all everyday, but just... Ugh. She's so great. Now that we did that, let's also talk about her Valentino dress. I like it. A lot. It's very like, Grandma-vintage-chic. It's a thing, don't even worry about it. Did I mention that she's even more perfect in person? I mean, what? I don't know... (I CAN'T STOP.)
Taylor Swift was hands down, best dressed of the night. She looked stunning in this Ralph Lauren gown. Now usually I'd be like "Ugh, T. Swift, stop wearing neutrals. You're better than this!" but this just works. She looks great and I love this look from head to toe.
A lot of the looks from the PCAs were very ice skater-esque. Julianne Hough's Tony Ward Couture dress is a fine example of that. I still haven't decided whether or not I like this. I think I do?...
I really like Naomi Watts' Alexander McQueen gown. That's all.
Again with the ice skater-esque dresses. I don't know if I love this little Elie Saab number Lea Michele wore. It's just... There. And that's never good. Also, her hair is really off-putting. It's way too severe.
I actually quite like Katy Perry's Valentino dress. What I quite like even more, though, is her hair and makeup. She looks kind of flawless, no?
I'm not even completely sure why, but I love the color of Chloe Grace Moretz's little Simone Rochas dress. It's so cute and ever so age appropriate. Was that super boring? Yes. Is this dress super boring? No.
I'm not Olivia Munn's biggest fan, but for some reason I'm actually really loving everything about this. Yes, even the boring black shoes. I don't know, this Carolina Herrera dress has won me over somehow. These are the times when I choose not to question things.
I'm convinced Casey Rose Wilson's character, Penny, on "Happy Endings" is my spirit animal. So naturally, I already feel a strong bond of friendship, or like, whatever, to the actress herself. I'm also feeling a strong bond of love towards her dress. Gimme! 

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