Monday, May 14, 2012

Cosmopolitan June 2012

Ugh. You know how much I hate writing about Cosmopolitan because it is the same every time. Hand on the thigh, subtly (only not so subtly) pulling up the skin tight dress a little bit, smokey eyes, mouth open slightly, head tilted to the side and boobs awkwardly accentuated. Without fail, at least 3 of those things are always there. Their June issue, featuring Pink is no different. In fact, it includes all of those things. And how could I forget the ridiculous captions that make sex sound extremely terrifying. I can't decide which one is my favorite this month. "Eeek! You'll Die When You Read What These "Normal" Guys Wanted Once Their Pants Hit the Floor" or "When Your Period Makes You Cra-azy." Oh, Cosmo. Such a toss up. They make it so easy to hate them sometimes, you guys.

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