Monday, May 14, 2012

Teen Vogue June/July 2012

I will never understand Teen Vogue's annual June/July issue. You would think for a combination of two months squished into a magazine that it would be at least 50 pages longer, but for some reason it is always about 50 pages less. I will never understand it, but I guess it works for them because they do it every year. Maybe it's due to the fact that I am no longer a teenager, thank the heavens, but Teen Vogue has become so boring to me. I'm not sure it is entirely their fault, but I'm also pretty sure that it is. Miranda Cosgrove graces the cover of this issue and I am not super in love with any of it. Also, aren't we sick of beach photoshoots? Yes. Yes we are. That should've been your answer. 
Okay, this cover is extremely uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable and she just looks uncomfortable. Her hair is no and I am truly not understanding this Blumarine necklace. I don't get you sometimes, stylists. I really don't.
Well here are two things I hate: Slicked back hair and white sunglasses. Of course this has both of those things.
I hate this Peter Pilotto dress so much.
This is the only outfit I don't hate. This Versus dress is actually kind of wonderful and I want it on my body. Also, let's talk about this Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci necklace because it is also kind of amazing. I'm not in love with all the random surfer guys hanging around. Also, who brings a vespa/motorcycle (I don't know, you guys) on the sand? Maybe that's just me being realistic, but that seems very impractical.

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