Thursday, May 24, 2012

Britney Spears

Okay, I have been VERY behind on this whole "keeping everyone up to date on celebrities" thing. Now, granted, in my head I am a lot more 1. Famous 2. Successful and 3. Influential than I really am. But irregardless, I do apologize. So, I'm sure you've heard (From someone else, not me, because I suck remember?) that Britney Spears is a new judge of "The X Factor." I'm proud of her and quite excited. I love me some Brit Brit and I have been rooting for her since day one. She looks so uncomfortable and that makes me sad. She's the best. Her stylist, however, is the worst. Britney was in Texas today doing auditions for the show and whatnot, and she showed up in this Brian Lichetenberg dress. Now, I hate this. I'm not sure what all I hate about it, but I hate it. On the plus side, her hair looks damn good. I mean, that only took like 7 years, right?
(Via Zimbio)

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