Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kristen Stewart

I've made it quite clear throughout the ramblings on my blog and Facebook that I am not Kristen Stewart's biggest fan. She seems snotty and ungrateful and I think that is reason enough to dislike her at least a little (lot) bit. Now, I'm starting to think that she got word of it and is trying to get back at me because this happened today... She attended the premiere of "On the Road" in Cannes today in this hideous Balenciaga dress. It's a mix between a tacky table cloth and ugly curtains. I hate it. It's so bad. And the fact that the top half has the pattern really bunched together and then the bottom half has the pattern more spread out is giving me weird anxiety. And don't get me started on her hair. I MEAN. C'mon KStew. I would be nicer to you if you stopped complaining about the media TO the media and if you started looking like you cared just a little bit.

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