Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Apparently Vanity Fair's Oscar Party was THE party to be at. Everyone, and I mean everyone (ish) was there. The addresses for the after parties were released last Thursday on Twitter and I almost fell off the elliptical when I read them. Unfortunately I had to work until 6:30 and was unable to drive up to LA to attempt to crash the parties. Really unfortunate, but Vanity Fair's party was the one I wanted to go to. Sigh. AGARF! No joke, it took me TWO AND A HALF HOURS to finally find my British boyfriend. I kept going "Where is Andrew Garfield? Where is my British boyfriend? Why isn't he with the cast? Why isn't he there!?" I also kept asking where Leonardo DiCaprio was, but that's a sore subject. So, after two and a half hours, I FINALLY found him sitting in a random spot behind some random person. Like, what the fudge? Why wasn't he with the cast of "The Social Network?" I really don't understand why they did that. When I'm a member of the Academy I will get RDJ and Jude Law to be hosts and then I'll put AGarf in my life. I mean, in the front row.Here's the thing, I LOVE EMMA STONE'S CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE DRESS. Oh sweet heavens, I adore everything about it. I do not, however, like her new choppy hair. It's yuck. Maybe if she put her bangs to the side I would be lusting over that as well, but it's kind of just... There. Not so much. But that dress... it's bananas.
I have been trying to give Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber a couple name all morning. Evidently I'm not good at celebrity couple names because the only ones I came up with were Justena or Biebez. That's just, not good. Despite the fact that I find their newfound love a little creepy, I also find it really adorable. I think they're really cute together despite the fact that if they do anything, Selena Gomez could go to jail. I do, however, love that they both wore Dolce & Gabbana. Adorbs.
I know that I should be shaking my head at Taylor Swift for wearing a, surprise surprise, sparkly dress, but I kind of love this Zuhair Murad cocktail dress. I like that it's not silver or blue or purple, I love the fact that it is gold AND silver, and I love that it's short. To be honest, I just love everything about it.
Has Sofia Vergara EVER looked ugly? I'm pretty sure she hasn't. She is so gorgeous, it's disgusting. I don't like her dress though, I'm not sure if it's sheer or if the black area that looks like underwear is just a part of the design. I don't like it, but she looks great.
Meh! I'm so mad that I don't love Lea Michele's dress! I love that it has long sleeves, I love the color and the sequins, but I don't like the neckline. And I also kind of don't like her hair. Oh, sad day. Sad day indeed.
I like the colors of Jessica Biel's dress, but I don't like the dress itself. If it didn't have that flap at the top, I would be drooling over the dress.
Gwyneth Paltrow headed to VF's after party in the same Michael Kors dress that she performed in. I still kind of like it, but I'm not completely sold on the whole one shoulder thing right now.
What a hot mess, Eva Mendes. Oh sweet goodness. Elizabeth Banks has become a favorite of mine in the past few months. I think that has something to do with her fierce character on "30 Rock." Ugh, I love her. Brooklyn Decker looks gorgeous, there's no doubt about that but this dress is a little much. I really love her shoes, but I'm not sure they were appropriate for this a) event and b) dress.
I really love the bottom of Anna Paquin's Monique Lhuillier dress, but the top is really unflattering, no? And the interesting thing is that I actually don't hate her black shoes. I do hate her hair though. I mean, honestly.

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