Sunday, February 27, 2011

83rd Academy Awards

I actually don't know if you know just how excited I was for this day. I talked about the Oscars nonstop today. I LOVE the Academy Awards. I really, truly, honestly love them. I've loved them ever since I can remember. I love seeing beautiful people looking even MORE beautiful. I love the red carpet. I love the gowns. I love the award ceremony. I love the gold statue. I love sitting down with my Mom (Or in this year's case, my friend Sarah) and watching the ceremony. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I am going to use the "I used to watch it with my Mom and imagine myself on the red carpet" part when I'm being interviewed on the Oscar red carpet (Which is 500 ft, fyi) next year. I've already got my speech planned. "I'd like to thank the Academy..." OH and I cannot tell you how glad I am that "The King's Speech" won Best Picture. I actually did a happy dance and then grabbed my phone and Tweeted about it. So bloody excited.
I have to admit that the reason this post is abnormally late is because I had to work today. Obviously the mall does not respect the holiday, whatever. On my lunch break I got on my phone and started to watch a live feed. Mila Kunis' dress was the second dress I saw this afternoon and has been my favorite ever since. I adore her Elie Saab gown. Honestly, I love it. The color not only looks smashing on her, but the dress itself looks as if it was made for her body. She looks fantastic. I'm in love.Hailee Steinfeld is ADORABLE. She looks like a princess/ballerina in this Marchesa dress, which by the way, I heard she helped design. The only thing I don't like about this look is the headband. It was kind of unnecessary, but oh well.Camila Alves, also known as Matthew McConaughey's baby mama, was my second pick for best dressed. She looked stunning in this Kaufman Franco gown. I mean, she didn't even need to be there, but she was and she made sure everyone noticed. Incredible. I even love her slicked back hair. Madness, no?!
While I'd like to think that Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong, she proved me wrong. I really don't like anything about her look. I don't like her dress and I really don't like her hair. It's all really unfortunate.
You know, I don't hate Florence Welch's Valentino dress as much as I originally thought I did. Granted, I don't love it and I kind of think it looks like an elderly woman's nightgown, but it's not awful. I mean, she could've done a lot worse and you know it.
I have a problem with Sandra Bullock's look for a couple reasons. 1. Her Vera Wang gown is a weird shade of red. Not bad weird, but weird weird. Like, it's not pleasing to my eyes. 2. Her red lipstick? No. 3. Her makeup in general, it's lacking something. 4. Her hair is lacking something too. But if we're being completely honest, she looked stunning last year, so I guess it's difficult to look stunning both years, but a little effort would've been nice. And yes, I know she has a son this time around, but still. Priorities, people! (Reason #311342 as to why I don't have a child yet. Oscars > Adopted son)
To everyone except my cousins, sister and best friend, it is a little known fact that I completely adore Celine Dion. She can do no wrong in my eyes. She's a diva and I love her. I do not, however, love her dress. It is very boring and bland. I mean, she looks great in it, but it would not be my first, second, third or fourth choice.
Oh sweet goodness. Did you guys watch Jennifer Hudson present tonight? This dress looked even WORSE on TV. I mean, Sarah and I actually cringed. Not only was the dress ill fitting, but the orange was not flattering at all! And she needs to fire her makeup person. Her face color did not match the rest of her body, chest, arms, etc. And this dress makes her boobs look weird.
As crazy as Helena Bonham Carter is, I can't help but love her. If I could trade Moms for a day, she would be my second choice. My first choice would've been Natasha Richardson, but that is no longer possible :( R.I.P. Anyway, while I kind of hate this outfit, partially because there is indeed velvet involved, I have seen worse. Much, much worse. I am also really bummed she didn't win Best Actress in a Supporting Role. She did a wonderful job in that movie. Can you tell I loved "The King's Speech?" I'm kind of obsessed. Oh, and did I mention that she had a British flag tied on her right calf? Oh yes, only HBC, my friends. Only HBC.
Ah! It's Ke$ha 2.0! Just kidding, it's Jennifer Lawrence. I heard that she was the first nominee to arrive to the event, which I think is funny. While her Calvin Klein dress is nothing special, she is working it like no other. I mean, she looks FIERCE. This is my favorite look from her.
Oh no. I really hate the Calvin Klein gown Gwyneth Paltrow wore tonight. It is all kinds of fugly. At least she sounded amazing when she performed her song from "Country Strong." She also looked amazing, but more on performance dresses later.
Ugh, just when I thought Nicole Kidman was stepping up her game or whatever, she shows up in this Christian Dior dress. I mean, it just doesn't sit right on her. I don't like it, I don't like it one bit.
Oh Melissa Leo, I don't know what to do with you. Your dress, I like. You restored what little faith I had left in you. Your acceptance speech, on the other hand, was a steaming hot mess. I mean, I don't even know...
I want to like Amy Adams' L'Wren Scott gown, I do. I really, really do. But I don't. The necklace and the bracelet are both distracting and I don't like the sleeves OR the neckline. The dress looks amazing on her figure though, but the dress itself is kind of just there. I would be drooling over it if it had been a strapless dress though because I love the fabric and the color.
Anne Hathaway, sweet Anne Hathaway. This Valentino gown is just one of the many gowns she changed into throughout the night. While this one is nice and all, I don't really like the bottom. It reminds me of a comforter, yes?
Okay, I actually REALLY like Givenchy dress Cate Blanchett wore tonight. I like everything except for the sleeves. They're really weird and don't flow with the dress or design. But despite the sleeves, I actually really love this.
I don't know why Halle Berry was there, but I am glad she was because I love this Marchesa gown. I mean, I've never met a Marchesa garment I didn't love, but still. She looks great and isn't trying too hard which I appreciate because for whatever reason, she's been showing her goodies all over town and I mean, she already got knocked up once by a handsome model stranger, do you really want to go down that path again?...
While I do love Hilary Swank's dress, she's not carrying herself well in it. She's kind of slumped over, I mean I'm not one to talk as I am slumped here in my chair, but I'm not on the red carpet in a Gucci gown either. I love the dress though, I really do. Feathers and sequins and strapless? Obsessed.
I LOVE COLIN FIRTH. I do, I love him so incredibly much. And can we just talk about how cute his acceptance speech was? It. Melted. My. Heart. He melts my heart. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about him (for now). I'm here to talk about his gorgeous wife, Livia Giuggioli. I hate that I don't exactly hate her gown. I mean, yes, everytime I saw it I exclaimed "But she looks like a bird!" but I don't hate it. I guess I just love her husband so much that I don't even care.
I think Mandy Moore may or may not be one of the cutest celebrities out there right now. With the exception of Hailee Steinfeld, of course. She's adorable. And speaking of which, I kind of love her Monique Lhuillier gown. It's so light, fresh and girly. I want to wear it, please!
I really don't like Michelle Williams' Chanel dress. I know, shocking, right?! It's just kind of hanging out. It doesn't know what to do. The main thing I don't like is the fact that this is a mix of every dress she has worn within the past 5 months. You know? I saw it and I was like "I've seen that before..." Turns out I haven't, but still. It's boring.
Oh, Natalie Portman. Here's the thing about her Rodarte dress. Let me just start off by saying that this is HER color. No doubt about it. She looks amazing. But I don't like the bottom of the dress. I wish it just went straight down instead of being fringy and uneven. I also don't like her shoes and I don't generally like dresses that show off shoes, especially ugly shoes. And I don't like her tassel earrings. I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy and this had way too much. But back to the color, she needs to wear this everyday of her life.
Penelope Cruz looked great in this L'Wren Scott gown. The color looks magnificent on her and the fact that she just had a child is sickening because she looks wonderful. Jealous.Alright. Here's the thing about Scarlett Johansson's Dolce & Gabbana dress. I hate it. The color looks great as does her cute hair, but the detailing is a little bit confusing. It's too much for such a small dress. I just don't like it, okay?

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