Monday, February 28, 2011

Anne Hathaway

I am giving host, Anne Hathaway, her own post due to the hundreds, okay like 6, dresses and 1 tux she wore throughout the show. I loved almost all of them and I think she actually did a great job hosting. Granted, she probably won't be asked to come back, but she stole the show from James Franco. My Mom asked me how the hosts did and I answered "Anne Hathaway was fine, James Franco..." All he did was stand there, occasionally smile and throw his hands up. Speaking of throwing hands up, I think that Anne Hathaway's constant and overly dramatic arms are her way of attempting to make herself less nervous. I'm legitimately surprised that she didn't knock anyone out. Go back and look at her talking, she had crazy arms. People are saying the hosts were AWFUL, but I think that's a little dramatic. They weren't awful, they weren't great, but they weren't awful. Personally, I think Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law should host next year because a) They are quite entertaining b) They are really good looking and c) They have great chemistry. When I get asked to be a part of the Academy (Yeah, you have to be asked. Believe me, I Wikipediaed it), I'll suggest that.
I really liked this Atelier Versace dress. The color looked amazing on her and I loved her hair.
I HATED this Armani Prive dress. She looked like a fruit roll up. A big blue fruit roll up. It was awful.
Not only did she look great in this Lanvin suit, but those heels. THOSE HEELS. Those. Heels. Those heels. I couldn't stop watching them. They are so pretty. I want to get married in those, please.
This Vivienne Westwood gown was really, really, really ugly. I didn't like anything about it. And her hair! It was awful. It was fake and I am sure that it was really heavy. It looked like she was going to Prom and I made fun of those girls at Prom. Ugs.
Flailing arms! Flailing arms! No wonder they said James Franco was awful, it's because he was terrified of Miss Flailing Arms. This was my favorite dress. This Givenchy gown looked amazing on her. I loved the detail, hence the detailing on the top. I really love it and I said it about four times throughout the show.
Other than Colin Firth's acceptance speech (Adorbs), this was my favorite moment. I looked up and saw Anne Hathaway shimmying in this Oscar de la Renta dress. Not only was she shimmying, but once she stopped and realized that she was once again flailing her arms, she went "Sorry, personal moment." I would TOTALLY do that too. Only, I wouldn't do it on stage next to James freakin' Franco.
Yeah, I didn't like this Tom Ford dress. It was weird.

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