Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dom Perignon & W Magazine's Golden Globe Pre-Party

The Golden Globe madness has officially begun, people. Last night Dom Perignon and W Magazine held a Golden Globe pre-party and of course a lot of my favorites (Jennifer Lawrence, mostly) showed up. Let's begin! Also, I think it should be noted that I'm getting awards season anxiety already. Deep. Breaths.
I'm obviously still and forever obsessed with Miss Jennifer Lawrence, but I'm just so bored. I mean, yes, this Victoria Beckham dress looks great on her and the color brings out her eyes, etc. But it's just so boring. I mean, plain black Christian Louboutins? Really? I have really high hopes for her Golden Globes and Oscar looks. I'm hoping her stylist doesn't let me down.
Oh Marion... This is... Well... I don't love it. It's interesting in a car crash sort of way. I'm mostly talking about her pants. I can't stop staring at her crotch and that's not entirely my fault. The pants are just too much. Maybe if her top wasn't patterned as well, I'd be singing her praises. But alas...
First off, let's give Amy Adams (and her stylist) a round-of-applause. Emerald green on a red-head is perfect every single dang time. I love this. I also love her coat, it's gorgeous. And considering the fact that it's like 50 degrees right now, I'd really love this coat on my own body. Also, I threw Eddie Redmayne in here because he's just precious.
1. It's crazy that Frieda Pinto and Dev Patel are still dating. 2. I don't like either of their outfits. 3. Now I want to watch "Slumdog Millionaire." Thanks a lot, guys.

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