Saturday, December 8, 2012

Emma Stone

Ugh, there was an obvious reason as to why Vogue chose Emma Stone to grace the cover of their Best Dressed issue. She looks amazing in everything she wears. I'm especially in lust with this Daniel Vosovic (I guess he was on "Project Runway?" Moving on...) outfit she wore to a Revlon launch party on Wednesday. I'm actually more than "in lust" with it, I love it. I also love these Rupert Sanderson shoes. Oh my gosh, the color is to die for. She is effortlessly cool, I know for a fact that if someone else tried to pull this outfit off, I would be telling them to "Shut it down." But oh no, not Emma. ALL HAIL EMMA STONE FOREVER. (Oh man, when I start hailing things, that means I should go to bed. C'est la vie, no?)
(Via Zimbio)

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