Saturday, December 8, 2012

Britney Spears

Can we just real talk for a second right now? I want to give Britney Spears a huge hug. She always looks so scared and uncomfortable on the red carpet. Thursday night's X Factor Viewing Party at the Grove (Sidenote: I was actually there. Not at the party (Please, even I'm not that cool.) but I was at the Grove for something else and just happened to find myself standing near the red carpet. What are the odds, right? So, in her defense, some of the fans were a bit much, so I can see how scary it could be.) was no exception. On the plus side, her hair looked better than it has been and this Christopher Kane dress really isn't that bad. Poor Brit Brit, we love you and we're rooting for you. Honest.
(Via Zimbio)

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