Monday, November 5, 2012

Wonderland November/December 2012

One Direction, everyone's not-so-secret guilty pleasure boy band, graces the cover of Wonderland's November/December issue and I am quite puzzled about it. I rarely use the phrase "This is gay" but like, you guys, this cover is so gay. They are wearing cable knit sweaters and they're holding puppies. I'm just, I'm so confused right now. Now, I think puppies are cute (From far away, don't judge me.) and I love me a boy band always and forever, but for some reason the marriage of these two things is making me feel lots of things. The solo pictures of the boys, whose individual names I'm still not fully certain on, are enough to cause a few giggle attacks. I speak from personal experience on that one. This has to be a joke, right? Maybe I just don't understand British humor?
(Via Buzzfeed)