Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vanity Fair September 2012

MY QUEEN! Or like, whatever, I don't know. Irregardless, this makes my heart oh, so very happy. Jessica Chastain graces, quite literally, the cover of Vanity Fair's September issue. Kate Middleton has her own cover, but due to the fact that she refuses to pose for any magazine and people have yet to fully give up on her (Although apparently she did an exclusive interview?), they have to use paparazzi pictures. I loathe it. I also loathe the fact that Kate's cover is available in stores, while Jessica's cover is subscribers only. Life is really unfair. This is Vanity Fair's Style issue and I'm just really happy that Jessica Chastain is a cover girl. It's not done enough, to be honest.
From far away, she looks like Florence Welch on the cover. I don't know... Her hair looks really luscious though.
The theme of this photoshoot is VERY unclear in my mind. I think I need to see it all in the magazine to get a good grasp because right now it seems super random to me.

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