Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harper's Bazaar September 2012

Oh my gosh, this ish is bananas. I am obsessed with Harper's Bazaar's September issue. I know I said that Marie Claire was my favorite, but like, I also said I was allowed to change my mind and well, I have. Gwen Stefani is their fierce cover girl and I honestly love it. It's so fantastic. She is perfection, I just really wish they'd stop using Terry Richardson as their photographer because he is so unbelievably creepy. But c'est la vie, this shoot is just SO good.
I am dying over this cover. She looks like a Barbie, I adore it.
This Versace dress is great, but her face is even greater.
Will someone put this Alexander McQueen gown on my body like, yesterday? I love it.

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  1. Her full body picture of her in the pink dress with the hat makes me think of a perfume bottle. :D