Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chanel FNO Le Vernis Nail Colour

YAY. Chanel released their exclusive Le Vernis Nail Colour line for Fashion's Night Out (On September 6, not that you needed a reminder.) and I love every single shade. Holy chic balls. Don't they realize that I don't have money but that I have an unnecessary need and burning desire to own all of their nail polish because it is perfect? And then throw the fact that it's limited edition in there and I'm a goner. I hate you, Chanel. Only I love you. It's complicated. Out of their 3 shades, I can't figure out which one is my favorite. What do you think? Délicatesse, Provocation or Infidéle? Okay, all of them. They also have lipstick, but I'm mostly focused on nails today.
(Via Vogue UK)

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