Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Allure August 2012

Oh dear. Kate Beckinsale graces the cover of Allure's August issue. At least... I think she does? Well, someone who slightly resembles her is on the cover. For this surely cannot be Kate Beckinsale. It makes me a little bit upset because she is so pretty. For shame, Allure. You are better than this. YOU ARE BETTER. The shoot is taking me by surprise though. Allure is known for having up to 3 pictures in the shoot, mostly close up. But for Kate's shoot (Or "Kate's," I'm still not convinced...) they went all out. It's interesting. You puzzle me, Allure. (Wow, say Allure again, Erin.) Allure.
I've never seen "Bride of Frankenstein," but I am confident enough in my knowledge of pop culture to make this reference. Sidenote, I do love her Gucci dress though.
I LOVE me a bulky sweater and some unnecessary fur, but this Fendi sweater is a serious hot mess.
I STILL need this Prada coat in my life. Yes, this is the one Emma Stone wore in Teen Vogue. OH repeats, you know I hate you.
This is just so random and this outfit is just so bad.
I'm getting a "My Fair Lady" vibe from this Louis Vuitton outfit.
What is her makeup? I don't "get" the theme of this, which is making it hard to follow along.

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