Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NYLON Guys July 2012

Andrew Garfield is on the cover of NYLON Guys' July issue looking precious, as always. I love me some AGarf, so I'm real excited that promotion on "The Amazing Spiderman" has begun. He's just so cute and awkward and British. It's everything I want in a man, honestly.
He looks confused/tired/annoyed. But he's rocking this maroon suit like, well, like Spiderman should.
I am genuinely confused and slightly disturbed by the naked foot stuck in AGarf's face. He looks to be having a jolly good time but this makes me uncomfortable. You know how I feel about feet sans shoes incorporated in photoshoots.
 Oh, I'm confused again...
This is such a fruity little picture. People call him Bambi. This helps that. Whatever. He's so cute.

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