Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio

I MEAN, we JUST talked about this, Leo. We literally just did. Now, I understand (still) that the paparazzi are annoying and whatever and I understand that you want to get away from them every now and then. BUT that does not mean you can get away from them by doing this. This is bad. This is awful. You have so much potential, but then you do this. Like, are you trying out for the role of Tiny Tim in "A Christmas Carol?" Because that is the only excuse for this hat and this weird facial hair. Although, Tiny Tim doesn't have facial hair because he is tiny and wounded, but you get where I was going. Also, when I think Tiny Tim, I think of the Muppets version of that movie and it makes me laugh. But really. If only you knew how much my heart was hurting, Leo... If only.

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