Thursday, June 21, 2012

Emma Stone (& AGarf)

Oh my gosh, I am getting jetlag just from watching Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield run around promoting "The Amazing Spiderman." I can only imagine how tired they are. Fortunately, they are still managing to look amazing. Tonight, they attended the premiere in Spain and this may or may not be my favorite look thusfar. I mean, I KNOW I said that about the little Gucci situation the other day, but this Dolce & Gabanna is everything I love in life and more. I love lace, I love accentuated shoulders and I love floral print. I also love that this looks kind of like an old prom dress. I have so much love for this entire look and even more love for the picture of them canoodling. Oh my heart. OH MY HEART, YOU GUYS.
COULD THEY BE ANY CUTER? No. No they could not be. That should've been your immediate answer.

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