Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dianna Agron

Alright. I am a little bit confused. First off, where has Dianna Agron been? I feel like she just disappeared for a bit. Well, I also don't watch "Glee," (Didn't she almost die or something last season? Bums.) I do read the Internet though, so she has disappeared in my mind. Anyway, she was at the Summer Party on the High Line last night (Whatever that means) and I am having issues with her look. While the Tracy Reese dress is cute, I am so over the whole belted dress situation. I mean, a little dainty and subtle one is cute, but this is just too much for this dress. And the clutch? WHY. And these sunglasses? DOUBLE WHY. I hate when accessories attack an outfit. It's upsetting. She is really pretty and usually has a lot going for her, so I'm confused as to why this happened at all.

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