Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is one fierce bitch. There's really nothing else to say. She's featured in Glamour's June issue in an article titled "5 Fab Beauty Ideas to Steal From Nicole Richie." I only have one problem, that being that I think the word "fab" should be forever banished. It's so stupid, but whatever. I'll talk to Glamour about it when I start working for them. But I would actually like to steal some of her beauty ideas. 
I think this is my favorite one. THIS is the one that made me call her one fierce bitch. Just look at her! And that hair. That hair is incredible.
Okay, her makeup looks so great.
This Etro swimsuit is AMAZEBALLS. I can't even see the bottom half, but I am lusting after it like you would not believe. Oh gosh. It's amazing. 

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