Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leighton Meester

Evidently Jared Eng, from JustJared, thinks he is a fashion photographer or something. Now, I do not agree under any circumstances. These pictures are proof. Luckily for him, he shot Leighton Meester and she can make anything and everything look fantastic. Does that mean I like this shoot? Oh heavens no. But I have an undying love for Leighton Meester. Always. I mean, please. It's not like you need reminding.
She is just so pretty.
Who edited these pictures? What are her eyes? Also, what is her hair?
I rolled my eyes. I hate "You're a musician, now pretend you're playing the guitar. They'll love it!" pictures. I LOVE YOU THOUGH, LEIGHTON. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

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