Saturday, April 28, 2012

ELLE UK June 2012

Ugh. Cue the Liz Lemon eye roll here. Kristen Stewart is on the cover of ELLE UK's June issue and it's just whatever. It actually made me sigh outloud. Am I being a little dramatic? No. No I am not. Like, I just don't understand her hair. Or her pose. Or her outfit, as a matter of fact. Like, why is she wearing a sweater that only goes past her boobs and then one from her waist down. Did the sweater unravel or was it made this ugly? Fortunately, I do like the coloring (Things such as the coloring of a cover matter when there is nothing else to like.) and the background. I'm interested (Interested, dreading, same thing.) to see how the rest of the photo shoot turned out. Le sigh, KStew.

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