Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chanel Artist Dinner

The Chanel Artist Dinner was held on Tuesday during the Tribeca Film Festival (I think it's funny how my invitation got lost in the mail, c'est la vie.) so naturally we have lots to catch up on. Okay, no. I'm just going to talk about Camilla Belle and Liv Tyler because everyone else was just too boring.
I know I say this every single time she comes to an event, but how/why does Camilla Belle get invited to all these swanky little events? WHAT DOES SHE DO TO DESERVE THIS? Is it because she has awesome eyebrows and pretty hair? I think I need to grow my eyebrows out then. That's the only way I'll be invited to events such as this. Her Prada dress is fine, I guess. It kind of adds like, 53 years to her, but whatever. Maybe elderly is what she was going for. Her eyeshadow is kind of a "no" though. 
This concerns me. Liv Tyler has a lot of potential, she does I've seen it, but this is just a hot mess. I don't care if it was cold, Liz. There is no need for a long coat AND a big flowy dress on the red carpet. It all just makes her look super frumpy. Like, when her Dad is dressing in more revealing and form fitting clothes, you know there is a problem. Perhaps more than just one problem, but a problem nonetheless. 

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