Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miley Cyrus

So, there were rumors swirling in Hollywood this weekend that Miley Cyrus was engaged to her boyf, Liam Hemsworth. Unfortunately they are untrue, which makes my heart very sad. But fortunately, she has been looking great as of late and that makes my heart the opposite of very sad. She was at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XIII (Because that's where she should be, obviously) and she had two costume changes and one really cute hairdo. Oh Mileybird. You are loved. By me.
How great does she look right now? Oh my gosh goodness gracious. I love everything about this look. I also think Liam Hemsworth got randomly attractive. Maybe after seeing him with his weird dyed hair in "The Hunger Games," I appreciate his hair color more? I don't know. I'll take any excuse to talk about "The Hunger Games," really.
I really don't love her Jenny Packham dress. Maybe if it had been strapless?...

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