Friday, March 2, 2012

Interview Magazine March 2012

Holy. Eff. Katy Perry, whom I love (You all know that), graces the cover of Interview Magazine's March issue and she looks A-MAZE-BALLS. I cannot think of another word to use to describe the gorgeousness that is Katy Perry. I mean, I always think she is gorgeous, but here she shines up like a new penny. (I will give you a hug and a macaroon if you can tell me what movie I am trying to quote there.) I am obsessed. OBSESSED. From the styling to her hair and makeup. I think this is the first time all of 2012 that I have been speechless over a magazine. It's so great. Also, Kristen Wiig conducted this interview so I just cannot wait to read it. Disclaimer: I don't like reading magazine interviews online. I feel like it's cheating.
I mean. Right? Right.
This is the same Roberto Cavalli dress that Jennifer Lawrence is wearing in the March issue of Glamour. Thankfully, I love it on Katy Perry. It's all about the styling, people.
I think this is one of my favorites. Also, this Calvin Klein busiter (customized by Joshua Court-Ney) is to DIE FOR. I really just want to be her. Forever.
This Marchesa dress brings tears to my eyes. I love it just THAT much.
Oh Katy, put your legs together. Be a lady.
The firs thing that came to mind when I saw this was "Elizabeth Taylor!" Eerie, isn't it?
I ADORE this Lanvin dress. I just adore it. I also would like these Gaspar Gloves on my hands/arms right now, please.

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