Thursday, March 15, 2012

"The Hunger Games" LA Premiere

Here's the annoying thing about Monday's "The Hunger Games" premiere in Los Angeles... I was about 5 minutes (Well, in LA traffic time, about 15 minutes) away from the premiere. LITERALLY. But unfortunately I am a smart woman and decided to do my homework at The Farmer's Market instead of going to the premiere to stalk celebrities. Ugh. C'est la vie. Anyway, I am really excited about this movie although I haven't read the books. Yet. Shall we?
I have a newfound love and respect for Jennifer Lawrence. She's KIND OF awesome. I was watching interviews and the things she said kept making me giggle. Her fierce Prabal Gurung dress was kind of lovely. Although I don't know if I love the way the fabric was photographed, she looks great. I still don't love her bangs though, they are quite bothersome, no?
The back was really fun too, you guys. Really fun.
I guess I am mostly upset that I didn't get to have my talk with Miley Cyrus. I have so much to say to her and I missed my chance. Liam Hemsworth looked very attractive, this is actually the most attractive he has ever looked. I think it's the suit. And the hair. But mostly the suit. But back to Mileybird, I'm not so sure that I love her Emilio Pucci ensemble. I love the skirt, but I don't love the crop top and I don't love this together. Oh Miles. This is why I love you. Because you're kind of a crazy person.
No. Elizabeth Banks, do you know how much better you are than this? You are SO much better. This is just no. I don't like her hair and her dress just looks like a giant orange bubble. Shut this down, Elizabeth. Thankfully, she redeemed herself the next night for the London premiere. But more on that later.

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