Monday, March 19, 2012

Complex 10th Anniversary

Little Biebs (Well, he's 18 and legal now, but he'll always be Little Biebs to me) is on the cover of Complex's 10th Anniversary issue and I'm not sure I love it so much. I mean, sure, fighting is like, cool and all (When it's in a safe environment, such as a ring) but it clearly seems as though Justin Bieber could not defend himself in said fight. But wait, is he supposed to be the referee? Now I'm just confused. Also, blood is yucky. So I'm going to vote no on this situation. And by situation, I mean photo shoot.
I feel like some people are going to be upset about this. And by "some people," I mean parents. Crazy parents. And maybe vegetarians.
Um, it looks like he made out with her fiercely and got her ugly lipstick all over his face. Shut it down, Biebs.
This is actually disgusting.
Oh no, great. I actually wanted to see it for the second time...

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