Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vanity Fair & Juicy Couture "Vanities" 20th Anniversary

On Monday night, Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture held the "Vanities" 20th Anniversary Party and just some of my favorite people, I'm sorry no, celebrities (That's not the same thing, believe you me), came out to celebrate. This is upsetting to me for only one reason though... I was in Hollywood on Monday night, like in this area, which means I was so close/breathing their air/I could've made friends with the paparazzi (I've done it before, they're actually very nice most of the time). Sad times.
Oh. My. Heart. This makes me very upset. Jessica Chastain wore an Alexander McQueen skirt and jacket which I'm fine with (I mean, whatever at this point, right?) but this is not good on her. It was slightly unflattering on the model on the runway, but I just. Jessica, you are so much better than this, my dear.
Is it possible for a person to have too much hair? Because I think Shailene Woodley could be that person. Granted, I love her hair, it's a little bit fantastic. BUT it's so sloppy. This Bird by Juicy Couture jumpsuit is so chic and kind of wonderful (Disclaimer: I am starting to like jumpsuits but ONLY when they are chic, prim, proper and tailored, such as this one) so the hair is just distracting.
As much as I really like Malin Akerman, I actually loathe this J.Mendel dress. It is so ugly. It looks like she was in the middle of putting a men's coat on and then just gave up and started posing on the red carpet. It's just no. If it was just the white dress I would love it, but the black? No thanks.
Rashida (Middle Name) Jones. I know you're better than this. SO much better. This coat and these shoes are so heavy. I hate it. I do. And her clutch is too big. This is all not a good situation.

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