Thursday, February 9, 2012

amFAR New York Gala 2012

The amFAR New York Gala to Kick off Fall 2012 Fashion Week was last night and it brought out some of my favorite people. And by some of my favorite people, you know what that means... Leighton Meester, Duchess of my Heart, is back on the red carpet! Eek. I'm so excited, you guys. A lot of other people were there too, so to make it fair, I guess I'll talk about, judge, applaud, etc. them. You know how it works.
YAY. I am so glad that Leighton Meester came out to play. Or whatever. I kind of love this Louis Vuitton dress. It's kind of amazing. The fur! The FUR. This is just wonderful. She's wonderful, you guys. See? It's things like this that make her the Duchess of my Heart and so on. (Via
I don't know why Nikki Hilton was there, but I do know that I like her dress.
What. On. Earth. Sarah Jessica Parker, what is this? Why is she wearing gloves and why, why oh why, is she wearing a jacket on the red carpet? I have problems with jackets on the red carpet unless it's more casual, but this is just no. Stop it. Stop it now. Her Oscar de la Renta was gorgeous, so WHY cover it up? I don't give a beep that it's cold in NYC. I don't.
Who let Lindsay Lohan out of the house? Last time I checked, she was on house arrest. Right? Right. Her bangs are heinous. This is actually just a hot mess. An actual hot mess.
While I don't love Julianne Moore's Roberto Cavalli dress, I do appreciate her very simple look. I likes that.
I had to remind myself that Molly Sims is pregnant. She looks like Rachel Zoe which is convenient because Rachel Zoe is her stylist. I kind of love this.
I don't know why, but I love what Jessica White is wearing a tiny bit and I hate myself for it.
I don't understand why everyone loves Alexa Chung so much, she's so frumpy looking. Am I just missing something?...
Good gosh, Allegra Carpenter. This is not good. This is not good at all. Tights? A huge clutch? A jacket? I hate all of this.
I don't think I like Rose Byrne's Alexander McQueen dress and I don't think I like her shoes. Okay, I don't think I like any of it.

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