Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rooney Mara

Wait, but you guys, I love this. This is my favorite look from Rooney Mara thusfar. She made an appearance at "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" Paris premiere yesterday in this to die for Louis Vuitton dress. Not only am I obsessed with the dress itself, but she looks gorgeous! I love her makeup, it's so subtle and light (We're used to the dark makeup, which I don't hate, but it's too much with her drastic hair) and then, speaking of which, her hair. Her glorious hair. I love that her bangs are pushed to the side on this occasion. I'm really loving this. All of this. Goodness, she is so versatile and I respect that, but I do love the feminine side of Rooney Mara for sure. Let's pray she keeps this up for awards season. WHICH by the way is so soon!!! That reminds me, I need to request those days off for work. I must be home for the award shows. If not for the Golden Globes, for the Oscars. Oh, the Oscars... How do I love thee?

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