Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kate Middleton & Prince William

I'm pretty sure I've never wanted to be someone else so badly until there was Kate Middleton. Okay, that's probably a little bit dramatic, but I would really love to be her. She's flawless. She made an appearance with Prince William tonight at the UK premiere of "War Horse." This makes me mad for one reason and one reason only: This means I absolutely MUST see this movie. Granted, I kind of don't want to, but then it was nominated for Golden Globes (Yes plural) which is the stepping stone for Oscar nominations. That was enough. But now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are seeing it? Ugh. I should add that the premiere was benefitting The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. But they were still in attendance. Principle! Kate Middleton looked gorgeous in this Alice Temperley gown. She is truly flawless, it kind of hurts my heart a little bit. And that hair!
Isn't she absolutely stunning? Sidenote: Tomorrow is her birthday, so that's cute.

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