Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vogue November 2011

I always get anxious when Vogue releases their newest cover girl. Usually I am okay with their choices, but sometimes I am not, as you know. Their October cover girl was Michelle Williams posing as Marilyn Monroe, for her newest project, "My Week With Marilyn." I am still indifferent about the entire thing, which is why it will not be appearing on here. It was weird. Anyway, Rooney Mara, also known as Jesse Eisenberg's girlfriend in "The Social Network," graces the cover quite fiercely and I'm actually really okay with all of it. It's edgy, but she looks gorgeous and the clothes are wonderful. While she has her "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" haircut, I'm still okay with the contradicting look, with her dramatic hair and gorgeous gowns. I truly applaud Miss Wintour this month.
Her makeup looks incredible. Gosh.
I really don't like this Calvin Klein dress. It's so blah.
This is my favorite. She looks gorgeous.
This Vera Wang dress is kind of wonderful. I actually really like this picture, it shows off the dress beautifully.
Someone just wore this Marchesa dress. Right? Right. Gosh. They totally did. Or did they? I may or may not be imagining this right now. I'm confusing myself.
Another pretty Marchesa dress. Look at her eyes! I'm not sure you can see clearly due to the small picture, but trust that they look really pretty.

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