Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marie Claire November 2011

Katie Holmes is on the cover of Marie Claire's November issue and I have one question, nay concern. Why people think Katie Holmes is relevant is beyond me. Honestly. She IS Nicole Kidman. I don't know why she is anywhere and I forget about her until I see her looking uber homely (So homely I actually have to say uber.) on the red carpet and I have to go "Why is she there again?... Why is she married to Tom Cruise?... She IS Nicole Kidman. Honestly, why is she there?" Every-dang-time.
Too much red. I actually hate this jacket. So ugly. And while her hair looks great, where is her right arm?...
I can only see the top half of this Michael Kors dress but I already hate it.
This Vionnet dress is kind of amazing and I'm actually okay with the fact that they paired it with a bandeau.
The color of this dress is amazing. Her face, on the other hand, has a really weird expression. Is she asleep? Is she, God forbid, sneezing? Tom Cruise is really lucky.

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