Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vogue August 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker graces the August cover of Vogue and I have mixed feelings about the shoot. I think I like it. It's cute that she's photographed with her son, daughters and her husband, but I think I have a problem with kids in photoshoots. It's weird. Like the Britney Spears Harper's Bazaar shoot. But at least these are her kids... Okay, I just talked myself into it. I like it. Right?... You guys, what is wrong with me? I've been on the fence with like, the past four posts. Maybe I should get some sleep or something.
Yeah no, I don't like the cover. The colors are dumb. As is her coat and hat. No me gusta.
Yeah no, I don't like this.
I would frame this photo in my room if I were them. Um, when and if (Dear goodness, I pray that day happens soon) I get married, I want a photo shoot with my husband in Vogue. Preferably taken by Mario Testino.
I love this Michael Kors dress and coat. It is beautiful! The hat though. I hate the hat.
Deja vu! Does this Bottega Veneta gown look familiar? Yes, it's the same dress Emma Watson wore last night to the NYC premiere of "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2." I like it even better in this photo. The train is amazing, I love how they photographed it. And I don't know about you, but I love that this is a family shot and I would frame it in my house if I were her. This is definitely my favorite photo from the entire shoot. I've realized that I'm not too fond of the rest of it.
Um, her daughters are adorable! But her outfit makes me want to start singing "Cruella de Vil." I don't know. Whatever. I blame Lady Gaga for making me think of Cruella de Vil all the live long day.

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