Sunday, July 24, 2011

"The Smurfs" NYC Premiere

Despite the fact that I have no desire whatsoever to see this movie, I'm going to talk about the New York premiere of "The Smurfs" only because I think Katy Perry is amazing. What do you mean, you ask? Oh, you just wait for it...
I know, right? This is why I love Katy Perry. She can pull this off. She can totally pull off having her Smurf character bedazzled on a dress. I'm still not sold on her blonde hair though. But this dress, I applaud her for it. And the fact that she is wearing Smurf blue shoes. But to top it off, she even had Smurfs painted on her nails. Gosh dang, she's great. Great enough to make me say "gosh dang" evidently.
I'm actually a little disappointed with Sofia Vergara's dress. I like the color on her, but the cut is kind of unflattering. It's just there. And her bracelets are a little too much. Better luck next time, I'm afraid.
Speaking of better luck next time, I'm also not all that impressed with Jayma Mays' dress. As much as I love her on "Glee" and as much as I kind of love/hate her name (I love saying it, I hate typing it) I'm not liking her dress. It's too short and it looks like an awkward Prom dress. Right?
I haven't the slightest clue as to why Olivia Palermo was at the premiere, but she looked really cute. I love her style, I loathe using that phrase, especially as a fashion student, but I love all the clothes she wears. I want to raid her closet, please and thank you.

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