Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seventeen August 2011

Emma Watson graces the cover of Seventeen's August issue and as much as this pains me to say it, I kind of hate it. Her clothes are blah, her hair looks weird and I'm so not in love with Seventeen and the super commercial-esque photos. It's not settling to me. In order to make everything better, let's look at her Vogue magazine shoot again... Mm. I don't think I will ever like Seventeen photo shoots. Okay, I liked Lucy Hale's shoot, but it was more fitting. Emma Watson is more high fashion. Reason #2390412 as to why magazines need me as an employee.
Her cover shot isn't THAT bad. What IS bad though, is the fact that the words "Cute" and "Butt" are gigantic. Do people not look at their magazine covers before they go to print or whatever?!
This is a really ugly dress. Like, real ugly.

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